Zigbee compared to other automation standards

Wireless RangeUp to 100 metresUp to 20 metresUp to 50 metres
Wireless Frequency868 to 950MHz2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Wireless Speeds9.6 / 40 / 100 kBs250 kBs6 to 150 Mbps (depends on service speed)
Wireless Power Use12.5mA17 to 38 mA36 - 40 mA constant
SecurityYesYesWiFi router dependent
AES 128500 & 700 seriesYesIn WPA2 security
ECDH500 & 700 seriesZigbee ProYes
TLS500 & 700 seriesYesIn WPA3 security
WPA2--Optional, depends on WiFi Router used
WPA3--Optional, depends on WiFi Router used
Interference to WiFiNoYes, WiFi channel dependingYes, uses same bandwidth as WiFi
Self contained Network from WiFiYesYesNo
Hub RequiredYesYesNo