Below you can find out more about Aeotec’s range of Zigbee based automation products.

2.4Ghz zigbee

Global frequency
Unlike their Z-Wave counterparts, Aeotec's Zigbee products make use of one wireless frequency, 2.4Ghz, globally. It also uses an array of channels to prevent interference with Wi-Fi systems.

self healing wireless network

Zigbee self-optimises connections and self-heals broken ones. It automatically learns which devices make up a network and networks them together to create the most efficient and optimized wireless communication route.

mesh network automation

To ensure reliable wireless communication, Zigbee devices operate as part of a holistic network. They receive and repeat signals from other devices across the full network, enabling mesh-communication. Automatically.

expandable wireless network

Build an automation system bit at a time that scales as you need it to. Zigbee's scalable, mesh networking technology can handle routing through upwards of 65,000 different devices where gateways are compatible.

low power usage

Low-power consumption
Zigbee balances 2.4Ghz technology with low-power wireless communication. Battery-powered devices can draw an average of ~4.18uA while asleep and ~9.3mA while communicating.

zigbee security

AES 128 bit
They works reliably and they're secured reliably. Aeotec Zigbee devices utilize wireless communication encrypted to a pro-grade AES 128 bit level.

Easy to use
Installing Zigbee devices can be simple. Compatible software allows for devices to connected by simply scanning a QR code, while others automatic device detection and inclusion.

works with smartthings

Works with SmartThings
Developed atop of the Zigbee Home Automation profile standard, most Aeotec Zigbee devices are compatible with SmartThings or other standardised platforms.

smartthings button


One push home control

smartthings motion sensor

Motion Sensor

2-in-1; motion and temperature

smartthings multipurpose sensor

Multipurpose Sensor

2-in-1; open/close and temperature


Smart Home Hub

Gateway; works as SmartThings Hub

Gen5 Z-Wave S2 Z-Wave zigbee wi-fi
smartthings water sensor

Water Leak Sensor

Leak detector for SmartThings