Motion Sensor

Know when there is movement in your home.

The Aeotec Motion Sensor can be easily integrated into your home thanks to its compact dimensions. With the SmartThings App you receive alerts if there is unexpected movement in your home. Additionally, connected devices can be automated as people come and go.
120° Viewing
Accurate temperature measurement.

Comfortable homecoming.

Use the Aeotec Motion Sensor for your comfortable homecoming and let compatible smart lights be turned on when you enter the corridor. Likewise, you can save energy by setting rules to switch off the smart lighting when there is no more motion detected for a certain time. 

Specify that an acoustic and visual alarm is triggered in case of unexpected movement registration. This is a smart way to prevent a potential break-in attempt. At the same time you increase the security in your home.

A part of your security system.

Exploit the full potential of the Aeotec Motion Sensor and make it part of your home security system. For that, simply integrate compatible alarm sirens or opictal transmitters (actuators) and create a rule with the SmartThings App. By triggering a visual or audible alarm in the moment of an unexpected movement, you can increase the security of your home against burglary attempts.

Convenient indoor climate.

From now on, you will always know when the temperature changes in your home. Let your smart devices create a convenient indoor climate by connecting thermostats or A/C units to your SmartThings App. The smart devices will do the rest for you.

Control doesn`t stop here.

Aeotec’s range of intelligent, automation controllers doesn’t end with Motion Sensor. From MultiSensor to TriSensor, it’s a range that keeps you in control and ensures that automation systems are always an intelligent enhancement.