aeotec smart home devices

Welcome to the home of automation.

Aeotec, a leading innovator in smart home technology, specializes in powering smart homes with seamless SmartThings integration, Z-Wave, Zigbee and Matter. Discover our exclusive range of devices tailored for the ultimate SmartThings experience, delivering cutting-edge technology and seamless integration for an enhanced connected living. Aeotec, German brand, German Quality.

Automation for everyone.

Aeotec focus on automating the spaces in which we work, rest, and play. We craft products and experiences for spaces that range in size from the humble studio flat to sumptuous hotels. Aeotec create products for the leading Smart Home ecosystems of SmartThings, Z-Wave, Zigbee and Matter.

Aeotec smart home kitchen

One App to control everything.

With an array of services and programmable automations, SmartThings makes your home life customizable and easy.

Aeotec smartthings hub

Smart Home Hub

The heart of your Smart Home. World’s #1 and only Zigbee, Z-Wave and Matter Works as a SmartThings Hub. 


SmartThings integrations and services for partners.

Our Smart Home Hub offers many possibilities for buildings, eldery care, device manufacturers, facility managers, utilities, integrators and more. Let us work together and build the future of automated living. 

Aeotec smart home pico switch

A new era of smart switches.

The Pico inwall switch comes with many features and functionalities to give you smart control over your appliances, while monitoring their energy usage. Pico fits behind switch and sockets. 

Energy Management made easy.

Optimize your home’s energy consumption with our Aeotec’s Smart Energy Manager. Seamlessly monitor and control your devices to maximize efficiency, reducing utility costs and environmental impact. Enjoy substantial savings while embracing a sustainable lifestyle. Experience the power of intelligent energy management – your key to a greener, more cost-effective home.

family with solar panel

A home that works for you.

Step into a realm of endless possibilities with Smart Home innovation. Seamlessly connect and control devices, from lighting and thermostats to security systems, all at your fingertips.

Smart Heating.

Warm glow and a cosy atmosphere. Aeotec's products enable a smart heating system by creating a healthy and comfortable home environment. Use our electrical thermostats and air quality sensors to improve your well being. In connection with the Smart Home Hub you can automate and create room-by-room schedule for your heating system.

Smart Security.

Smart Security systems start with intelligent sensors. Aeotec offers a unique range of sensors, to detect unwelcome guests. Connect the sensors with our innovative Smart Home Hub. Then use the worlds leading Smart Home platform of SmartThings, to setup your personal Home Monitor. Set your home in different security modes based your presence state. Thanks to the platforms certified cloud connection, you can also have an eye on your home.

More intelligence for your home.

Welcome to the future of home living! Are you ready to transform your house into a smart home? Say goodbye to mundane tasks and hello to convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. With the latest advancements in smart home technology powered by Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Wi-Fi, you can take control like never before.

Aeotec. A modern company with nearly a century of experience. Established in Silicon Valley in 2006.  Once Heinrich Popp started a German company focused on the production of quality lighting and switches. Over 90 years later, what Heinrich founded merged with automation-dedicated Aeotec to create a global group of companies who are passionate not just about the electronics that improve lives daily, but also the intelligent automation of them. And we’re still making quality lighting and switches.  Aeotec Group © 2024. All rights reserved.
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