We spend 90% of our lives indoors. Spend that time smarter.

From space to automated space in 3 steps.

Aeotec is the leading creator of quality automation solutions that focus on automating the spaces in which we work, rest, and play. We craft products and experiences for spaces that range in size from the humble studio flat to sumptuous hotels.

automation gateway software automation gateway software
step 1

A building depends upon its foundations. Automated buildings are founded upon quality hardware and software.

Trusted by over 400,000 properties. Across homes, offices, and hotels, Aeotec touches the lives of millions of people daily. Aeotec offers 4 distinct approaches for automating everything from studio apartments to entire multi-dwelling units - AutoPilot, Smart Home Hub, Z-Pi, and Z-Stick.

Android app
Aeotec AutoPilot
iOS app
Open Source software
Samsung SmartThings

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step 2

With software in place, it's time to make it smarter. Intelligent automation comes from having the right sensors for the right area of any space.

Automation systems are only as good as the intelligence they have access to. Aeotec sensors collect that intelligence with accuracy and privacy. They communicate it back to the software of choice so that automations are powered by the real-time use and ambiance of the spaces in we are present.

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automation gateway sensors automation gateway sensors
automation products automation products
step 3

Software, sensors, scene. While software automates a space and sensors understand it, it's the job of other accessories to control the spaces in which we spend time.

Every space just perfect. From lighting to heating, locks to sirens, the value of automation comes from how powerfully it can manage our environments. Whether the accessories made by Aeotec, or those from other makers that are compatible with our systems, it’s the accessories and the operators that make our spaces smarter, securer, and much more comfortable.

Recent releases from Aeotec

smart plug 7 smart plug 7

Smart Switch 7

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door window sensor 7 pro door window sensor 7 pro

Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro

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smart plug 7 smart plug 7

aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor

4 in 1 environment sensor

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