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What is Matter?

Matter is an innovative protocol for Smart Home devices, designed to enhance the smart home ecosystem and simplify the device experience for users. It introduces features such as multi-admin support, allowing the sharing of Matter devices across supported platforms. To ensure seamless device onboarding, Matter follows standardized practices across the industry and utilizes an IP-based connection protocol that works with Wi-Fi, Thread, and ethernet.

SmartThings has collaborated with other leading companies in the technology industry to define and develop the Matter protocol. We are pleased to announce that starting from October 24, 2022, SmartThings now offers support for Matter integrations. As the protocol continues to evolve, we are excited to introduce new features and expand our device library. To gain a better understanding of how Matter operates and learn what you need to make the most of this protocol, please explore the following sections.

What do I need to use Matter devices?

In Matter, there are a few important concepts that make up the onboarding and control of a device.

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1. Matter Commissioner

A Matter commissioner serves the purpose of establishing a connection between the Matter device and a Matter Controller during the onboarding process. Your mobile device equipped with the necessary Matter commissioner functionality allows for seamless pairing and setup.
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3. Matter Device

This smart home device can be controlled through SmartThings. If the device carries the Matter badge, it can be connected to any compatible Matter Controller within the SmartThings app. The presence of the Matter badge on the device's packaging will indicate whether it requires a Matter controller.

How can I determine if a device is compatible with Matter?

Matter offers a standardized badge and branding system to indicate device compatibility with the protocol and their functionalities. You can find the Matter badge prominently displayed on the packaging of Matter devices. Additionally, each device will feature a QR code that plays a role during the pairing process. In case the QR code cannot be scanned, an alternative 11 or 21-digit setup code is provided.

For Matter devices utilizing the Thread protocol, there will be distinct branding to indicate whether the device functions as a Matter Thread Border Router (which connects Thread devices) or a Thread device requiring a Border Router.

SmartThings Matter Firmware and Software Requirements:

To meet the firmware/software requirements for SmartThings Matter, please ensure the following:

  • For SmartThings app as a Matter commissioner:

    • iOS device: iOS 16.2 or higher and SmartThings App version 1.6.94 or higher are required.

  • For SmartThings Matter controller:

    • Ensure that the firmware version is 45.9 or higher and matches the listed compatible models.”
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