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What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a wireless communication protocol used primarily in smart home networks, allowing smart devices to connect and exchange control commands and data with each other.

Similar to Wi-Fi, Z-Wave ( Zwave ) is a wireless communication technology facilitating seamless interaction among all Aeotec’s devices and extending connectivity to other approved devices, regardless of the manufacturer. This communication is not only reliable but also interference-free, energy-efficient, and, above all, secure.

At Aeotec, our focus is on empowering you to shape the home of tomorrow, today, using cutting-edge technology tailored for home automation. We prioritize reliable, proven, and standardized solutions. one such technology we specialize in is Z-Wave.

Explore more about Aeotec’s diverse home automation products and discover the different ranges we offer. Shape your smart home with technology that redefines reliability and standardization.

battery low

Low Power

Whether designed to conserve energy or as part of our battery-powered product line, all our devices harness the low-power capabilities of Zwave technology.
mesh networking

Mesh Networking

While wireless signals may get lost, it's a different story with Z-Wave signals. Key Z-Wave devices play a pivotal role in a mesh network, actively receiving, amplifying, and repeating signals for other Z-Wave devices.

Interference free

Unreliability is a significant concern, but Zwave sidesteps issues tied to both experiencing and causing wireless interference and weak signals. This is achieved by utilizing low-frequency channels for communication.


Aeotec's Gen5, Gen7, Gen8, and S2 Z-Wave products stand out by providing three distinct layers of security. This strategic approach aims to prevent security breaches, hacking, and interference.


No need for cables, no intricate installations. Thanks to Zwave's low-frequency, high-range wireless technology, Aeotec's Z-Wave products seamlessly communicate over impressive distances of up to 984 feet / 300 meters.


Either you purchase a device today or a year from now, Z-Wave offers an expandable home automation standard. It can be easily extended and customized at any time, accommodating various budgets.

Easy to use

Aeotec Z-Wave products are crafted for simplicity in both setup and usage. With SmartStart enhancements, installation can be a matter of seconds for enhanced products.

Cross compatible

Z-Wave compatible products from Aeotec, boast compatibility with the widest range of gateways. Not only backward compatible with all generations of Zwave but also immune to the wireless interface issues that is common in other standards.
zwave smartStart logo

Smart Start (Z-Wave )

SmartStart, present in chosen Z-Wave devices of the 500 series and all those utilizing 700 and 800 series technology, streamlines the setup process. Users can effortlessly connect their devices to the Zwave gateway by scanning a QR code with a SmartStart-enabled app. This feature caters to professional system integrators, enabling device connection before powering on, as well as DIY installations, where users can easily set up these devices by scanning a QR code. SmartStart substantially diminishes the time and effort needed for a comprehensive automation system installation.

Zwave s2

S2 Security (Z-Wave )

For the security part, S2 technology forms the cornerstone of a connected home, embodying the latest Zwave version, minimized power consumption, extended wireless range, top-tier security, and enhanced response time. Aeotec’s S2 devices, featuring advanced encryption, anti-hacking measures, and optimized performance, deliver a seamless and secure connected home experience. This includes improvements such as enhanced battery life and faster automation.

Z-Wave version 500 Series 700 Series 800 Series
Wireless range Up to 600 meters Up to 1600 meters Up to 2400 meters
Battery life Up to 2 years Up to 10 years Up to 10 years
Security S2 S2 + Secure Vault S2 + Secure Vault
Efficiency 100% 170% 200%
Memory Flash (module): 128 kB
RAM (module): 16 kB
Flash (module): 256 kB
RAM (module): 32 kB
Flash (module): 512 kB
RAM (module): 64 kB
Footprint Module (mm): 8x8 Module (mm): 9x9 Module (mm): 6.5x6.5
Compatibility Backward compatible Backward compatible Backward compatible
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