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Aeotec Smart Home Hub

When Samsung decided to stop making hardware for its SmartThings platform, companies like Aeotec had to step up to fill the void. The Aeotec Smart Home Hub looks and functions just like Samsung’s now-discontinued hub. Once you set the system up, it plugs right into the SmartThings platform, which is very approachable, yet very powerful for those who want to connect all of their smart home devices.


SmartThings and Google are bringing the future smart home into focus

Smart homes aren’t a new concept, as we’ve seen them in movies and TV for decades. However, in the past few years, the ability of the average consumer to incorporate smart devices and automation into their home has picked up the pace. There are various reasons for this, but Samsung’s SmartThings has remained a constant for the past ten years — and they intend on continuing that trend into the future.


How to choose the best smart home hub, according to experts 

At the center of many smart homes is the smart home hub, a piece of equipment that connects all of your smart devices — lightbulbs, locks, thermostats and more — to each other. A smart home hub allows you to control your devices from a central location, like a smartphone app or voice assistant, which can make it easier to set up and use routines that involve more than one product.

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Smartthings im Test – So gut ist Samsungs Smart-Home-Platform  

Mit seiner offenen Architektur unterstützt Samsung Smartthings tausende Komponenten unterschiedlicher Hersteller. Wie gut das in der Praxis funktioniert, zeigt der Test.


Tech Stage - DE

Überwachungskamera mit Rundumsicht und Bewegungsverfolgung: Aeotec Cam 360 im Test

Aeotec bietet mit der Cam 360 eine Überwachungskamera, die sich nahtlos in Samsungs SmartThings integriert. Sie reagiert auf Bewegungen und Geräusche und lässt sich damit prima als Baby- oder Haustier-Cam nutzen.

Smart Home Assistant - DE

Samsung SmartThings – Matter Update kommt diesen Monat!

Die SmartThings-Hubs v2 und v3 von Samsung sollen noch diesen Monat zu Steuerzentralen für den neuen SmartHome Standard Matter umgewandelt werden.


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About Aeotec

Founded in 2006 as Aeon Labs in Silicon Valley, Aeotec has long focussed its craft on the intelligent automation of electronics through sensor and data driven decision making. Later, as Aeotec, we crafted the same types of products to the same high-quality but this time we did it under our own brandname. All this sees Aeotec play in a space known to some as home automation and to others as the Internet of Things.

In late 2018 Aeotec acquired German electronics maker POPP & Co. and focussed its efforts upon software and Zigbee technology for the first time. As part of the acquisition, and to reflect the engineering talent that came as part of its acquisition of POPP, Aeotec also used 2018 to also form a broader Aeotec Group and move its headquarters to Hamburg, Germany.

After 90 years of pioneering home electronics and automating them, Aeotec continues to innovate being the first brand maker to certify and release devices which utilise 700 series Z-Wave technology. Since November 2020, Aeotec have been cooperating with the Samsung Electronics subsidiary SmartThings. The open platform links devices, developers and services to create one of the largest ecosystems in the smart home. 

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