Z-Wave Gen5

Aeotec's exclusive range of Gen5 products is home automation and the Internet of Things as it should be. Modern. Fast. Secure. Beautifully designed. Its benefits are numerous.

Gen5 Z-Wave

z-wave compatible
Modern Z-Wave
Gen5 is built upon the most tried and tested Z-Wave technology available; 500 series. Inside each Aeotec Gen5 product you’ll find a mix of Z-Wave Plus, 500 series, and the benefits of Aeotec’s 13 year+ experience in designing and engineering wirelessly connected devices.

gen5 security
Advanced security
As home automation becomes more popular, security becomes more relevant. You have to be able to trust the devices which manage your home. You can trust Gen5. Every single Gen5 device offers an optional layer AES-128 bit encryption that can further secure your Z-Wave system. That same layer can be found in Aeotec's Z-Wave S2.

gen5 battery
50% less power use
Some of the best home control devices are battery powered. But no one wants to be constantly replacing batteries. Gen5 offers the lowest powered Z-Wave implementation yet. On average, each Gen5 product uses 50% less power than older Z-Wave devices.

gen5 wireless
Faster automation.
Wireless that works. Aeotec perfectly engineers the antenna in each Gen5 product so that its wireless range goes 67% further. Faster. More powerfully. Gen5 features a faster communication rate between Z-Wave devices, and offers a more powerful signal without impacting on battery life.

Gen5 Z-Wave products

Aeotec has completed its development of Gen5 devices; you'll find the products that we did develop below. If you'd like to see what new technology we're using and develping, please see our Gen7 Z-Wave page.

doorbell 6

Doorbell 6

Automation from your front door

Gen5 Z-Wave S2 Z-Wave SmartStart QR code Z-Wave
Z-Wave heavy duty smart switch

Heavy Duty Smart Switch

Smart switch controlling up to 40a

Gen5 Z-Wave
home energy meter

Home Energy Meter

Accurate whole-property electricity monitoring

Gen5 Z-Wave
LED Bulb 6

LED Bulb 6

Multi-Colour and Multi-White

Gen5 Z-Wave S2 Z-Wave
MultiSensor 6

MultiSensor 6

Miniature size, engineered with 6 sensors

Gen5 Z-Wave
Aeotec NanoMote


Tiny remote, massive features

Gen5 Z-Wave S2 Z-Wave SmartStart QR code Z-Wave

Nano Dimmer

Make any dimmer switch wireless

Gen5 Z-Wave

Nano Shutter

In-wall motor switch convertor

Gen5 Z-Wave S2 Z-Wave SmartStart QR code Z-Wave

Nano Switch

Make any socket or switch wirelessly

Gen5 Z-Wave
z-wave thermostat

Radiator Thermostat

Heating in harmony

Gen5 Z-Wave
siren 6

Siren 6

Smart indoor siren

Gen5 Z-Wave S2 Z-Wave SmartStart QR code Z-Wave

Smart Home Hub

Gateway; works as SmartThings Hub

Gen5 Z-Wave S2 Z-Wave zigbee wi-fi
smart switch 7

Smart Switch 7

Smallest, safest, smart plug

Gen7 Z-Wave Gen5 Z-Wave S2 Z-Wave SmartStart QR code Z-Wave


The 3 most essential sensors in 1

Gen5 Z-Wave S2 Z-Wave SmartStart QR code Z-Wave


Battery powered wall switch

Gen7 Z-Wave Gen5 Z-Wave

Z-Stick Gen5+

Build your own gateway

Gen5 Z-Wave S2 Z-Wave SmartStart QR code Z-Wave