aeotec Z-Stick 7

Z-Stick 7

Your gateway to building your own Z-Wave gateway

aeotec z-stick 7 aeotec z-stick 7
Raspberry Pi
Gen7 Z-Wave
Z-Wave S2 security
700 series z-wave
Z-Wave smartstart

Run your smart home locally, privately, and cloud-free. Z-Stick 7 lets you build your own automation gateway using Gen7 and 700 series Z-Wave technologies.

aeotec z-stick 7 comparison aeotec z-stick 7 comparison

Next-generation technology that comes 79% smaller

Brimming with new features and technology, yet wholly more compact. Z-Stick 7 is 79% smaller than Z-Stick Gen5+ and yet it is still just as easy to setup.

Depend on Z-Stick

security 2 z-wave

S2 encrypted

Your smart home is a secure home with Z-Stick 7. Wireless communication between its Z-Wave antenna and Z-Wave products installed in your home is secured with S2 security's triple-layered security.

local hosting

Local hosting

If it isn't locally hosted, your automation system's security and privacy could be at risk. Take control of both by using open-source hardware, such as Raspberry Pi, and software with Z-Stick 7 to host and control your automation setup locally.

700 series z-wave antenna 700 series z-wave antenna
z-wave smartstart

SmartStart enabled

Install new devices in seconds. Z-Stick 7 offers SmartStart natively, allowing for new Z-Wave devices to be connected to your system simply by scanning their QR code through a SmartStart-enabled app.

automation software without cloud

Cloud free

If the cloud goes down, so do most automation systems. Z-Stick 7 allows you to bypass cloud control and processing, offering local processing and helping to prevent down-time due to Internet and cloud outages.

Where to buy Z-Stick 7

Aeotec Z-Stick 7 is available from a number of retailers including at Amazon and SmartMatters.

Aeotec has made early-access versions of the successor to Z-Stick 7, Z-Stick 7, available for the purposes of testing and development. As 700 series Z-Wave is not yet compatible with all automation software, including some open-source software which Z-Stick Gen5+ is compatible with, please use this compatible gateway software list to ensure that Z-Stick 7 is compatible with your chosen software prior to deciding between it or its predecessor.

If you'd like to understand the key differences between these two technologies, a comparison between Z-Stick Gen5+ and Z-Stick 7 is also available.

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aeotec z-stick 7 packaging aeotec z-stick 7 packaging

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