Retrofittable inwall Shutter module to control your blinds, shutter and venetian blinds remotely via an app.

Introducing the Aeotec Pico integrated with SmartThings Shutter Series, revolutionizing your home into a cutting-edge, intelligent haven. Say goodbye to antiquated switches and embrace a new era of comfort, convenience, and control. Moreover, the Pico Series, powered by Zigbee and Matter technology, offers retrofittable in-wall switches for monitoring and managing socket or light energy consumption, seamlessly integrated with SmartThings for your Smart Home experience.

Venetian blind control.

Control not just the Open/Close position of your shading, but also the angle of your venetian blinds for the perfect room light.

Shutter control.

Pico Shutter controls the exact position from 0% to 100% of any shutter with a regular motor or built in driver motor.

Powerful scene controller.

Start scenes or routines in your Smart Home Hub by pressing the connected switch 1x, 2x or 3x.

Cooperation with different switch types.

Pico Shutter can be connected to momentary or toggle switches. The built in automatic switch recognition sets the Pico into the perfect state.

Controls motors and loads with up to 3.6A.

Control awnings, garage doors or other motors with a power of up to 3.6A.

Repeats Zigbee signals.

Pico Shutter enhances your Zigbee network by repeating signals of other Zigbee devices. Thanks to its state of the art antenna design, it will repeat signals to a distance of up to 50m indoors.

Unleash Your Home's Potential!

Elevate your home automation experience to new heights with our cutting-edge Zigbee Shutter Module. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your smart home ecosystem, this innovative device brings convenience, energy efficiency, and security to a whole new level, offering enhanced functionality within your existing setup.

Unleash Your Home's Potential!

Aeotec smartthings Pico

Effortless control.

With the Pico Shutter Module, empowered by Matter compatibility, you have complete control over your window coverings. Open or close your blinds, curtains, awnings, or shutters with a simple voice command via your preferred smart assistant or with a tap on your smartphone. Additionally, set schedules to automatically adjust your window coverings throughout the day. Let in natural light during the morning, close them for privacy in the evening, and optimize your energy consumption effortlessly.

bright office

Effortless control.

Iphone frame

Perfectly timed automation.

Set schedules to automatically adjust your window coverings throughout the day by controlling Aeotec Pico SmartThings integrated shutter. Let in natural light during the morning, close them for privacy in the evening, and optimize your energy consumption effortlessly.

Perfect system integration.

Plus, experience Seamless Harmony: Elevate your smart home with devices that are designed for perfect integration with SmartThings, Home Assistant, and Homey. Your home automation dreams come true as these powerhouses join forces, putting control and convenience at your fingertips like never before. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your smart home ecosystem!

smartthings Smart Home
garage door control woth smartthings shutter

Control any access point of your property with the Shutter and SmartThings.

The Pico Shutter isn’t limited to just controlling window coverings. Extend its power to motorized garage doors, windows, or gates with ease. Imagine the convenience of controlling all these essential aspects of your home from a single, intuitive interface. With the Zigbee Shutter Module, you can effortlessly manage your entire property’s access points, adding an extra layer of security and convenience to your everyday life. Unlock the full potential of smart home living and take control of your home’s environment and security like never before with SmartThings integration.

Pico Shutter Integrated with SmartThings for smart energy savings.

Also, maximize your energy efficiency with the advanced capabilities of the Zigbee Shutter Module, now integrated with Matter protocol. This innovative system dynamically adjusts your window coverings based on environmental conditions. Whether it’s changes in temperature, sunlight intensity, or even wind patterns, this integrated solution optimizes your home’s energy usage, effectively reducing heating and cooling costs.

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New Zigbee generation for enhanced security.

Enhance your home’s security measures by incorporating Zigbee technology to simulate your presence, providing a deterrent to potential intruders. Moreover, randomize the opening and closing of your window coverings to create the illusion of activity, adding an extra layer of security when you’re away. Safeguard your privacy effortlessly with a simple tap. Utilize Zigbee-enabled controls to instantly close your blinds or curtains, whether you’re within your home or remotely managing them while on the go. Furthermore, enhance your security measures by integrating this functionality with your security system for comprehensive protection.

Easy & fast installation.

Additionally, installation is a breeze with the Pico Shutter, designed to fit seamlessly into any standard electrical box. There is no need for complex wiring or extensive technical knowledge. The Aeotec Pic’n Go design is equipped with standardized spring terminals, which are easy to install and reliable. Plus, with its durable construction and reliable performance, you can trust that the Smart Home Inwall Switch will stand the test of time.

aeotec Pico smartthings shutter installation


the powerful...

Pico Shutter is packed with features, making it the ultimate smart shutter for your home. From scheduled shutter control to seamless integration with SmartThings, it offers a world of convenience and control. Additionally, with DIN certification and built-in safety measures, it is not just smart; it is also safe. Experience a smarter, more efficient lifestyle with Pico Shutter.

Schedule your shades and shutters based on your habits.

Compatible with
leading platforms.

Capability of controlling 
motorised gates and doors.

Automatic switch

DIN EN60669

Edge driver based


Easy installation
with no screw

Over current and
heat protection.

Zigbee 3.0 and
Touchlink function for
direct pairing.

aeotec smartthings dimmer devices

Control doesn`t stop here.

Aeotec’s range of intelligent, automation controllers doesn’t end with Pico Shutter. From smart plugs to wireless wall switches, it’s a range that keeps you in control and ensures that automation systems are always an intelligent enhancement. 

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