A house becomes a home when you personalise it and make it your own. When you don't simply fill it with furniture but selectively place the things that mean something to you in each room. The furniture that appeals. The pictures that bring back memories. The things that make you happy. The things that make you comfortable.

Seldom has technology done this, however. Sure, you can spend many an enjoyable hour in front of your home theatre, but most other technology doesn't make a house a home. It's just there and it's basic and it's the same as everyone else's. Home automation and control technology does away with that flaw, allowing you to create a home where the technology works for you. Whether it's for security or pleasure, whether it's installed for you or a retrofit installation you do yourself, it's automation for your safety, it's automation for your comfort.

This is the technology that inspires us at Aeotec. These are the home automation products that we make.

Door / Window Sensor.

Elegant. Intelligent. Smaller still.

The 2nd generation Aeotec Door / Window Sensor provides your Z-Wave network with the intelligence required for a modern home automation and security system. And it does it all in a smaller, more elegant design crafted to suit any home’s decor.

View Door / Window Sensor.

Garage Door Controller.

Z-Wave at your front gate.

One of the most overlooked, frequently used household entrances is now a part of Z-wave. Aeotec’s Garage Controller incorporates any motorised garage door into your Z-Wave network. With additional sensor features, your system will know whether your garage door has been left open or close and will be able to control it. From anywhere.

View Garage Door Controller.

Home Energy Meter.

Keep your own eye on your electricity.

The Aeotec Home Energy Meter converts your current electricity into something it’s not: a tool that provides you with understanding. Understanding of how much electricity you’re really using. Understanding of when you’re using it. Understanding of how you can use less and of how you can save more.

View Home Energy Meter.

Key Fob.

Easy to use. Simple to setup. Small and compact.

Aeotec’s Key Fob packs all the functionality of larger Z-Wave remote controls into a smaller, more modern design. Crafted to fit on a keyring, the Key Fob has been designed as a Z-Wave remote control that travels with you, so it’s there from the second you arrive home to the moment you fall asleep at night.

View Key Fob.

LED Bulb.

Z-Wave lighting control moves from the switch and direct to the bulb. Each LED Bulb allows for dimming, colour and scene control from a remote, network or schedule.

View LED Bulb.

Micro Controllers.

Z-Wave is perfect when you don’t see it. It’s perfect only when you feel it. And Aeotec’s Micro Switches provide just that.

Cleverly crafted to fit within the walls of your home, each Micro Switch can fit behind your existing switches, modern switches, or nothing at all. And once they’re setup within your walls, they’ll provide you with all the control you need, from lighting control to appliance control to motor control. Aeotec’s Micro Switches are Z-Wave made invisible.

View Micro Controllers.


Small in size. Big on potential.

Fitting snugly in your hand, Minimote has big features hidden within its slim and subtle design. Whether it’s to control a single Z-Wave device or your entire home automation system, you can control whatever you want whenever you want to with this sleek remote in your hand.

View Minimote.


Motion sensor. Humidity sensor. Thermometer. Light sensor.

Never before has one device made a single corner of your room so smart. Never before has it done it inside. Never before has it done it outside. And never before has it brought all that intelligence to your Z-Wave network, allowing you to create the perfect home automation system for security, convenience and comfort.

View MultiSensor.

Panic Button.

Miniature. Portable. Instant.

A single button, compact remote that is button sized small enough to fit onto your key ring and within your palm, Panic Button is the ultimate all-in-one device that’s just a single touch away. From emergency uses to controlling several devices and scenes at once, Panic Button can be configured for many a Z-Wave purpose and all the while be kept close to you.

View Panic Button.

Range Extender.

Z-Wave maximized.

Wireless technology isn’t always perfect, that’s why Aeotec makes Repeater – a simple plug and play device that works to perfect your home automation system. Repeater receives Z-Wave signals, amplifies them and then rebroadcasts them to your Z-Wave network, boosting its range and quality.

View Range Extender.

Recessed Door Sensor.

Invisible home automation is perfect home automation.

The Z-Wave door sensor is finally invisible.

View Recessed Door Sensor.


Flexible. Accessible. Secure.

From nifty plugin features to doorbell add-on options, your home alert system can be molded in any way you choose.
Simple to set up, all you need is a power socket to plug Siren in to. Made for your convenience, you can also use Siren as a doorbell courtesy of a wireless push button add-on, with the volume of Siren’s speakers changing for each purpose. Your front door and your security have never been as interchangeable as as Aeotec’s Siren.

View Siren.

Smart Film.

Privacy. Energy Management. Invisibility.

Easily applied, Smart Film is a Z-Wave controllable film that converts glass from transparent to opaque for energy and privacy needs. Not only does Smart Film provide privacy filtering, but it also controls the flow of light into a room, allowing you to dim sunlight just as you would dim your ceiling lights.

View Smart Film.

Smart Strip.

The Smart Energy Series brings all the energy saving and automation of the Z-Wave Smart Switch range, and repurposes it within a slim power board.

Coming soon from Aeotec.

View Smart Strip.

Smart Switch 6.

The smart switch gets smaller and smarter.

Now 84% smaller and with a host of new features, Smart Switch 6 is the wireless smart plug as it always should be been. Convert any wall outlet into a Z-Wave wall outlet just by plugging it in – it’s plug and play. From there you can automate, control, and also keep track of how much electricity you’re using. With help from Z-Wave to take your mind off from spiralling energy bills, you’ll have one less trouble to worry about.

View Smart Switch 6.

Touch Panels.

Fresh design. Classic features.

With a swift touch of your fingertips, Touch Panel draws you into the domestic scene crafted for the modern home. You can easily replace your existing switch with Touch Panel, and you won’t have to change a single wire. Touch Panels contains the functionality of a conventional switch within its stylish glass panel design.

View Touch Panels.

Water Sensor.

Sensitive. Accurate. Adaptive.

Water isn’t just the building block of life, it’s the building block of an expensive bill when accidents happen. Capable of both detecting leaks and floods and when the level of water gets too low in a pool or tank, Water Sensor can work with your Z-Wave network to prevent emergencies such as burst water boilers to leaking air conditioners. With Z-wave, the scope to save money is endless.

View Water Sensor.


Make your computer the heart of your Z-Wave network.

Aeotec’s Z-Stick packs all the tools you need to create and manage a Z-Wave network all within one USB stick. Use the Z-Stick to create your Z-Wave network, use it to add up to 232 Z-Wave devices, and then use it to control them.

View Z-Stick.

Coming soon.

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