Range Extender 7

Z-Wave manages your automations.
Range Extender 7 manages Z-Wave.

gen7 z-wave Z-Wave security 2 z-wave smart start
z-wave repeater

Z-Wave doesn't depend on expensive wires to run. It’s wireless. But that means that, just like Wi-Fi, there are areas where the wireless signal may not be optimal. Range Extender 7 fixes wireless weaknesses. Install it in the appropriate spot, sync it with your gateway, and Range Extender 7 will start optimally relaying and amplifying Z-Wave. Dead spots be dead.

Extreme performance.
Extreme compatibility.

Empowered by Aeotec's exclusive Gen7 technology, but not limited by it, Range Extender 7 is compatible with all new and old generations of Z-Wave technology.

Through its universal compatibility, Range Extender 7 is able to repeat and amplify Z-Wave signals from as Z-Wave devices as old as those using 100 series antennas and S0 security, all the way up to newer devices which use either 500 or 700 series and S2 security.

Z-Wave 300 series

100 and 300 series
Compatibility goes as far fast as original, 100 series Z-Wave devices and encompasses 300 series technology as well.

Z-Wave 500 series

500 series and Gen5
Last-generation devices that use 500 series Z-Wave or Gen5 are compatible including those that use S2 security.

Z-Wave security 0

S0 security
Range Extender 7 easily repeats and amplifies devices that use Z-Wave's original S0 security stack.

700 series z-wave

700 series
Built with this latest antenna technology, Range Extender 7 is compatible with 700 series and its SmartStart technologies.

Gen7 Z-Wave

Z-Wave products built atop of Aeotec's exclusive Gen7 technology stack are natively compatible with with Range Extender 7; it has Gen7 built-in.

S2 Z-Wave

S2 security
Secure communications that use S2 technology are received, amplified, and repeateed by Range Extender 7 without ever compromising on security or encryption levels.

All antenna.
All optimisation.

Z-Wave devices that plug into a power outlet typically include some kind of repeater technology which can lead to some installers using a Z-Wave smart plug instead of a dedicated repeater. But not all repeaters are born equal.

Engineered and custom-crafted for one task, and one task alone, 100% of Range Extender 7’s 2.2 inch fascia is completely focussed on capturing, amplifying, and repeating weak and lagging Z-Wave signals.

150 metre antenna range

492 feet antenna range

z-wave repeater antenna
z-wave mesh network repeater

Friendly to power sockets.

Designed to be as compact as possible without ever compromising on wireless performance, Range Extender 7 is sized so that it doesn’t block neighbouring power outlets. It's fronter most face measures only 46x46mm / 1.8x1.8in.

Where to buy Range Extender 7

Aeotec Range Extender 7 is available from a number of retailers including at Amazon and SmartMatters. Aeotec's Range Extender 7 (ZW189) is available in two different packs; a single pack and a twin pack.

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