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What is Thread?

The Thread protocol is a wireless networking technology designed specifically for smart home environments. It was developed by the Thread Group, an industry alliance composed of leading companies in the smart home and IoT space. The protocol aims to provide a standardized and reliable solution for connecting and controlling various smart devices within a home ecosystem.

In the modern smart home landscape, where numerous devices ranging from smart lights and thermostats to door locks and security cameras are interconnected, seamless communication and interoperability are crucial. This protocol addresses these challenges by offering a robust and efficient networking solution. It enables smart devices to form a mesh network, where devices can communicate directly or through neighboring devices, ensuring reliable connectivity and extended coverage range.



Thread leverages the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) standard, enabling seamless integration with existing IP networks and facilitating communication across a wide range of devices.


Thread networks are self-healing, meaning that if a device or pathway fails, the network automatically finds alternative routes for data transmission. This enhances network resilience and ensures continuous connectivity.
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Low Power

Thread conserves energy and extends battery life on low-power devices. It provides fast and responsive communication with low latency for efficient network interactions.


Scalability allows homeowners to expand their smart home systems effortlessly, accommodating evolving needs and integrating new devices.

Thread & Aeotec

Thread enhances Aeotec Smart Hub and Aeotec Zi-Stick, offering seamless connectivity, compatibility, and reliability for a comprehensive smart home experience. With open standards and low-power capabilities, this tech enables effortless integration with diverse smart home devices. Its application-layer flexibility and global reach ensure future-proof connectivity, while eliminating the need for proprietary gateways. The Aeotec Smart Hub and Z-Stick, powered by Thread, provides advanced control and management of smart home devices with ease.

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