aeotec wallmote aeotec wallmote


The no-wiring solution for a new wall switch

WallMote is a super-easy way to install a new switch anywhere in your property - no wiring required.

While it looks like a wall switch and operates like a wall switch, what makes WallMote truly powerful is that it is really a remote control. Battery powered, you just need to stick it on a wall or surface to install it. Once synced with your hub, you can control any dimmer, switch or automation routine by using WallMote as you would any other switch.

wireless z-wave switch
Looks like a switch
2 models. 1 distinct style. Whether you're in need of a simple switch or something multi-touch and much more capable, there's a WallMote that's right for your installation.
z-wave remote control
Runs like a remote
They might be installed upon a wall, but you don’t have to install them within a wall. WallMote runs wire free. Its installation doesn’t require a backing box nor mains power. Stick it. Sync it. Use it.
battery powered z-wave switch
Long live batteries
Wiring makes installing a new switch expensive. Batteries make installing a new WallMote switch cheap. WallMote and WallMote Quad are both powered by a USB-rechargeable lithium battery designed for smartphones.

aeotec wallmote controller aeotec wallmote controller

Control one thing. Control anything.

Control lights. Control outlets. Control a whole room or a whole property.

It may be styled like a wall switch, but WallMote is much more capable. Once setup with a compatible gateway it can be used to control anything that your gateway can. That ranges from single switches to dimmable light banks, from power outlets to the smart locks that protect your property. And even things that do not utilize the same Z-Wave wireless standard that WallMote does. Smart lighting from Philips Hue? Check. Connected music from Sonos? Easy. If it is connected to your gateway, simply setup WallMote to control any manner of simple or complex routine or automation.





Motorised curtains



Your whole property

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