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Doorbell 6.

Connected home.
Connected doorbell.

Z-Wave makes your home smarter. Doorbell 6 makes your front door smarter. Because it’s connected and smart, pressing Doorbell 6’s button means more than just hearing an alert to know that someone is at your door.

You’re notified inside your home.

Its combination of 105db speaker and 1,000 lumen lighting means that Doorbell 6’s chime will immediately notify anyone inside your home that the doorbell has been rung.

You’re notified wherever you are.

Whenever you are, you can receive instant smartphone and app alerts from your Z-Wave system.

Safety and security lighting.

When your doorbell is pressed at night or after dark, turn on connected Z-Wave lights indoors or out for courtesy and security.

Activate anything connected.

Even if it’s not Z-Wave, as long as it’s connected to your smart home system, Doorbell 6 can turn it on. Activate connected cameras, turn on lights so that cameras record clearer images or activate any other security devices in your home.

z-wave doorbell chime

Z-Wave’s wireless doorbell.

Doorbell 6 can be setup in minutes. It’s indoor chime and outdoor button take advantage of the leading wireless home control standard, Z-Wave Plus, to make your home smarter in moments.

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Indoor chime.

At the heart of Doorbell 6 is its chime. Able to bridge up to 3 separate buttons with your Z-Wave system, it’ll make sure that whoever is home is aware that someone is at the door through its combination of audio and visual alerts.

doorbell6 lumens

0 lumens

light alerts.

doorbell6 lumens


audio alerts.

doorbell6 lumens


different tones.

Outdoor button.

Sending the alerts to chime is Doorbell 6’s wireless button. In order to offer a strong wireless range and 2 year battery life, each button utilises an ultra-low power 433MHz wireless signal making it easy for the button’s signal to reach chime. Battery powered, each button can be easily installed beside your door or gate with double-sided tape or small screws. Typically located within 90 metres of button, Doorbell 6’s chime is able to communicate with 3 separate buttons allowing multiple entrances to your home to have a button when within range.

doorbell6 battery

0 years'

battery life.

doorbell6 wirelessrange

0 m / 0 ft

max wireless range.

doorbell6 screws


screws for simple installation.

wall power
wall mount for wireless doorbell
z-wave doorbell chime

Engineering a new doorbell standard.

A simple doorbell seems simple make. It’s not. By the time you make it wireless, power its button with a battery, and then enhance its security with 3 separate layers of encryption, something simple to install and simple to use is suddenly complex to create. We’ve enhanced Doorbell 6 with everything we learned from past models. And to do that we didn’t simply upgrade a few features - we reengineered everything from the ground up.

Wireless range

Wireless range.
Fused with 2 different wireless technologies, Doorbell 6’s button can be installed up to 90 metres / 300 feet from the chime while the chime itself can be 100 metres / 328 feet from your Z-Wave gateway.

Battery life

Battery life.
While its embedded back-up battery lasts up to 4 hours without power, Doorbell 6’s wireless button can run up to 2 years before its CR2450 battery needs changing.

27% louder

27% louder.
As doorbell or siren, Doorbell 6 is designed to be heard. Outputting alerts at up to 105db, Doorbell 6 is 27% louder than previous models.


Designed to weather the elements, Doorbell 6’s outdoor button is waterproofed to IP55 standards and can operate in temperatures between -4°F and 104°F / -20°C and 40°C.

Enhanced security

Enhanced security.
Built upon Z-Wave Plus, Doorbell 6 is secure. It benefits from Z-Wave S2 which layers 3 different types of wireless security to prevent hacking or interference by intruders.

Multiple buttons

Multiple buttons.
Doorbell 6 can be used at more than your front door. Able to be paired with multiple outdoor buttons, Doorbell 6 can be installed at 3 separate doors or entranceways.

Where to buy Doorbell 6.

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