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Thirty-six (36) different smart home products from SmartThings have been reported as being compatible with Aeotec Smart Home Hub and the SmartThings gateway platform.

Air Quality Sensor (EM1003S)CloudAir Quality SensorCompatibility certified 
Arrival Sensor / STSS-PRES & OthersZigbeePresence SensorsCompatibility certified 
Button / IM6001-BTPZigbee 3.0Remotes & ButtonsCompatibility certified 
CameraWi-FiCamerasCompatibility certified 
ET-WV520BluetoothWi-Fi hubCompatibility certified 
ET-WV523BluetoothWi-Fi hubCompatibility certified 
ET-WV525BluetoothWi-Fi hubCompatibility certified 
ET-WV530BluetoothWi-Fi hubCompatibility certified 
GP-U999GTEEAWi-FiVision sensorCompatibility certified 
IM6001-SLP-VF02Zigbee, Zigbee 3.0, Cloud, LAN, Z-WaveWi-Fi hubCompatibility certified 
Motion SensorZigbeeMotion SensorsCompatibility certified 
Motion Sensor / IM6001-MTPZigbee 3.0Motion SensorsCompatibility certified 
Motion Sensor / STS-IRM & OthersZigbeeMotion SensorsCompatibility certified 
Multipurpose Sensor / IM6001-MPPZigbee 3.0Multipurpose SensorsCompatibility certified 
Multipurpose Sensor / STS-MLT & OthersZigbeeMultipurpose SensorsCompatibility certified 
Outlet / IM6001-OTPZigbee 3.0SmartThings Starter Kit,Outlets,Telcel / Claro Starter KitCompatibility certified 
Outlet / IM6001-OTP1ZigbeeOutletsCompatibility certified 
Outlet / STS-OUT & OthersZigbeeOutletsCompatibility certified 
RC8335PROWi-FiCamerasCompatibility certified 
SirenZigbeeSirenCompatibility certified 
Smart Bulb / 7ZA-A806ST-Q1RZigbee 3.0Light BulbsCompatibility certified 
Smart Bulb / 8ZA-A806ST-Q4RZigbee 3.0Light BulbsCompatibility certified 
Smart LED Stand / MT428-D21-KWi-FiLight BulbsCompatibility certified 
Smart Plug / 6A-PL-Z-K0Zigbee 3.0OutletsCompatibility certified 
Smart Plug / 7A-PL-Z-J3Zigbee 3.0OutletsCompatibility certified 
SmartSense Open/Closed SensorZigbeeOpen / Closed SensorsCompatibility certified 
SmartSenseTemp/Humidity SensorZigbeeOtherCompatibility certified 
CameraWi-FiCamerasCompatibility certified 
Hub / IM6001-V3PZigbee, Zigbee 3.0, Cloud, LAN, Z-WaveWi-Fi hubCompatibility certified 
Hub / STH-ETH & OthersZigbee, Cloud, LAN, Z-WaveWi-Fi hubCompatibility certified 
Water Leak Sensor / IM6001-WLPZigbee 3.0Water Leak SensorsCompatibility certified 
Water Leak Sensor / STS-WTR & OthersZigbeeWater Leak SensorsCompatibility certified 
Wifi Smart Bulb / 9aWA-A806ST-Q1R-01Wi-FiLight BulbsCompatibility certified 
Wifi Smart Bulb / 9aWA-A806ST-Q1R-02Wi-FiLight BulbsCompatibility certified 
Wifi Smart Plug / 7A-PL-W-A1Wi-FiOutletsCompatibility certified 
Wifi Smart Plug / ESP-902WFWi-FiOutletsCompatibility certified 

This list was last updated on 3 April 2021.

You can find out more about other products and brands compatible with SmartThings by following that link.

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