Aeotec intelligent Radiator Thermostat: save up to 30% in heating costs.

Colder months mean warmer rooms and higher bills. Far higher. Aeotec has a solution. Engineered in Germany, Radiator Thermostat has been crafted to help keep every room of your home at the perfect temperature while saving you as much as 30%.

z-wave trv

Wirelessly controlled and battery powered, Radiator Thermostat is built atop Z- Wave Plus and offers:

z-wave trv

Compatible with over 90% of radiators, Radiator Thermostat is installed by simply removing your radiator’s existing TRV and installing Radiator Thermostat in its place. In no time you’ll be scheduling, automating, and reducing your bill. Radiator Thermostat is already shipping and now available at the following online retailers. You can find out more about this new, intelligent thermostat here and you can find out where to buy it here.

New releases.

Aeotec has a number of new products in development for 2020, with the next of them to be announced in the near future. To find out what's new and when they're released, be sure to sign up to our newsletter.