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In-Wall Z-Wave Control

Z-Wave as it should be. Invisible.

Perfectly Invisible
Works Switches
Works With Your Existing Switches
It has long been thought that a house becomes a home when we make it reflect who we are, when we personalise it, when we fill it with objects we treasure. And all of that remains true, but it no longer needs to be just the objects we put in our home that personalises it. Like the music that gently fills the background of your favourite restaurant, Aeotec’s Micro Switches create the perfect ambiance for your home, and then some. They also give you the perfect control and the perfect, intelligent automation.

Across three different Micro controllers, each one letting you perfect everything from your home’s lights to its appliances and to its motorised doors and curtains, you’ll find that the same magic has been built right into the tiny body of each switch.

Three micro controllers.

z-wave light control
z-wave in wall switch
z-wave motor control

Lots of macro features.

home automation
Suits any home.
Each Micro Switch is tiny to begin with, but it becomes invisible when it’s installed within your home’s wall or ceiling space. That means it works with your home’s existing switches, modern switches you want to buy, or spaces with no switches at all. It’s Z-Wave made invisible.
remote control home automation
Remote control.
You can control each Micro Switch from a wall switch or from multiple wall switches. You can also control each of them from any Z-Wave remote control including Aeotec’s Minimote and key fob remote. And you can control them one at a time or multiple switches at once.
iphone home automation
Smartphone control.
We’ve long been limited to how we can control our home’s most basic devices, the Micro Switches change all that. Yes, your wall switches will still work but for all the other times your smart phone, be it an iPhone or Android, becomes the switch. Anywhere and everywhere. At home, at work and abroad.1
z-wave chip
Z-Wave inside.
At its heart, each switch is powered by the same technology and intelligence that binds all of Aeotec’s products: Z-Wave. Once installed, each switch form part of the foundation of your home’s Z-Wave network. A network you can control but also one that responds to your needs and to your whims.

  1. Smartphone control of the in wall Z-Wave switches depends on the use of a compatible gateway, and a corresponding iPhone or Android app. Control away from the home depends on a compatible phone plan. Standard data charges from your phone network may apply.

technical specifications
Find out about Z-Wave lighting compatibility to see if Micro switches will work with the lights in your home.

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