illumino dimmer switch illumino dimmer switch

Dimmer Switch

Makes your lighting more powerful than ever before

illumino Dimmer Switch provides the power to manually control, elegantly dim, and intelligently automate and schedule your lighting.

It makes a light switch a smart light switch. It enhances individual lights or full light-banks with everything from automatic timers to responsive automation. illumino Dimmer Switch does this through its use of Aeotec's Gen7 technology and compatibility with Z-Wave gateways, including Aeotec Smart Home Hub and SmartThings.

z-wave dimmer switch
Dimming control
Control the brightness of lights from the switch or any connected app. Change the speed at which those same bulbs brighten or dim through illumino Dimmer Switch's powerful configuration options.
z-wave wall switch
On / off control
Control from the switch. Control from an app. Or control from other switches through illumino Dimmer Switch's unique virtual multi-way and wired multi-way wiring for 3-way+ configurations.
z-wave switch scheduling
Lights turn on to greet you in the morning before turning off automatically a night. Timers can automatically turn off lights are a customisable period of time.
z-wave automation switch
Responsive and intelligent lighting can be created by sycning illumino Dimmer Switch with a compatible Z-Wave gateway and any number of Z-Wave sensors.

bulb dimming compatibility bulb dimming compatibility

Designed to dim. illumino Dimmer Switch can manage up to 500 watts of lighting.

Compatible with the most commonly used bulbs, illumino Dimmer Switch can automate and control a single light or a bank of lights. And it can do so for lights using betweeen 5 watts and 500 watts.

LED lighting compatibility
LED bulbs
Between 5 watts and 150 watts; Aeotec Bypass may be required for LED bulbs drawing 25 watts or less
incandescent lighting compatibility
Traditional bulbs which draw up to a total of 500 watts
cf lighting compatibility
Compact fluorescent lamps which draw up to a total of 150 watts
halogen lighting compatibility
Halogen and tungsten filament lamps drawing up to 500 watts

zwave switch wiring terminals zwave switch wiring terminals

Easy installation.

Powerful lighting doesn't mean complicated wiring - wiring terminals are clearly marked and firmly secured with easy-access to dual-offset Ground, Line, Load, required Neutral, and optional Traveller ports for 3-way+ installations. With an array of tutorials available for everything from single-switch to multi-way installations, illumino Dimmer Switch is simple to wire. In the event that you're not sure which wire goes where, or cannot identify Line from Load, Aeotec's support team can guide you.

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Whether replacing an old switch or installing a new one, the single-pole wiring of illumino Dimmer Switch is simple. For more information, watch the tutorial video below and see dedicated single-pole wiring installation for illumino Dimmer Switch instructions.


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Wires easily. Fits perfectly.

illumino dimmer switch front illumino dimmer switch front

For seamless, in-wall installation illumino Dimmer Switch has been engineered to be as small as possible without compromising on safety. With its electronics measuring only 1.18" in depth and 1.73" in width, illumino Dimmer Switch's low-volume allows to fit into most single and multi-gang backing boxes without difficulty.

It's just as easy when it comes to the finishing touches as well. Crafted to North American standards, any installation of illumino Dimmer Switch can be completed with screwed or screwless faceplates from a range of makers.

illumino dimmer switch profile illumino dimmer switch profile

Quality lighting. Quality dimmer.

Enhanced lighting means an enhaned dimmer switch. illumino Dimmer Switch has been certified, coded, and engineered with Aeotec's decade-plus experience in crafting intelligent lighting controllers.

illumino dimmer switch features illumino dimmer switch features

1 Engineered and certified to FCC and ETL safety standards

2 Connect illumino Dimmer Switch to your Z-Wave network instantly through SmartStart compatible gateway apps

The speed of lighting changes can be customised through the paddle, as can be a myriad of features from multi-tap control to limiting brightness and dimming levels

LED notifications with customisable colours and brightness

Built atop of Z-Wave Plus, Gen7, and S2 security with a wireless signal range as great as 492 feet / 150 metres

Acts as a Z-Wave repeater, strengthening your automation system installation

Compatible with more bulbs as neutral wiring is required

illumino dimmer switch features illumino dimmer switch features

Where to buy illumino Dimmer Switch

Aeotec illumino Dimmer Switch is available from a number of retailers including at Amazon and SmartMatters. Select your country from the following drop down list to find out which Aeotec retailers have reported selling illumino Dimmer Switch (ZWA037).


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Control beyond dimming

Aeotec’s range of intelligent, automation controllers doesn’t end with illumino Dimmer Switch. From smart plugs to wireless wall switches, it’s a range that keeps you in control and ensures that automation systems are always an intelligent enhancement.

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