Z-Stick Gen5 Plus

Z-Stick Gen5+

Your gateway to building your own Z-Wave gateway

z-wave usb stick

Next generation smart home doesn’t have to be expensive – with a few key devices you can connect and automate electronics. Step by step. Room by room. At your own pace, in your own time, and within your own budget.

Z-Stick Gen5+ back z-stick gen5+ back

New model: Z-Stick Gen5+

Usually the most expensive part of any smart home is its gateway – that's the software-powered hub that binds all your connected devices together in order to control and automate them. With Aeotec’s Z-Stick Gen5+ your gateway no longer needs to be expensive. Nor does it need to be a security or privacy risk. Z-Stick Gen5+ lets you build your own, locally hosted gateway. A gateway that is cloud free and that offers the features and security that are just right for you and your individual vision.

Z-Stick Gen5 has long been the Z-Wave community's USB tool for building a gateway hub. It's a best-seller because of its compatibility, its quality, and its functionalities. This new, 2020, plus-model brings a whole new array of compatibility and functionality to a USB stick already powering over 100,000 smart homes.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 4

New Pi from Raspberry, new Z-Stick from Aeotec. As it was built upon an older Z-Wave stack, the non-plus model of Z-Stick Gen5 isn't compatible with Raspberry 4. But Z-Stick Gen5+ is. That opens up your home automation software to Raspberry's new architecture, including 8GB of RAM and an ARM v8 1.5GHz CPU.

Z-Wave S2

S2 security

New systems, new challenges. The increase in popularity of automation systems means that they now face greater security challenges as more people try to exploit weaknesses in archaic technology. Z-Stick Gen5+ future-proofs against such weaknesses by offering Z-Wave S2 security natively, UL 1023 compliance, and ECDH key exchange natively.

Z-Wave smartstart


Simpler device setup has finally come to Z-Wave with SmartStart. This new QR code based method allows you to pair a Z-Wave device with your automation system simply by scanning its QR code. Even when not fully installed, you'll be able to connect devices through Z-Stick Gen5+ to your Z-Wave software, provided that software offers QR-based pairing.

Z-Wave plus

Z-Wave Plus

So that it can offer both Security 2 and SmartStart, Z-Stick Gen5+ has been engineered upon both the latest versions of Z-Wave Plus and Z-Wave Gen5. That makes it compatible with dozes of Z-Wave products from Aeotec and thousands of Z-Wave devices from 3rd party manufacturers.

Setting up a Z-Stick Gen5+ takes only 3 keys steps.

Pick your platform

Z-Stick Gen5+ is a USB stick based, Z-Wave Plus antenna that works with any platform. You can use it with a PC, HTPC or laptop, with Mac, Linux or Windows, with single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi, and even select NAS systems.


Mac OS

nas server

microsoft windows

Pick your software

Pick the platform, pick the software. Z-Stick Gen5+ is compatible with a whole array of free and commercial software. Raspberry Pi installations are most commonly used with open-source software, while Mac and Windows installations are normally powered by the likes of Indigo and HomeSeer.

domoticz software
home assistant
homeseer software
indigo software
Jeedom software
open hab software

Connect your devices

With your platform and software setup, you can begin pairing Z-Wave devices to your system. With Z-Stick Gen5+ that can be as easy as scanning SmartStart codes through compatible apps, or using Z-Wave's standardized inclusion mode.

Of the thousands of devices that Z-Stick Gen5+ is compatible, you'll be able to connect a suite of:

remote control
Controllers, such as remote controls.

motion sensor
Sensors, including leak and motion sensors.

light switch
Light and switch controllers.

z-wave thermostat
Thermostats for heating and cooling.

Depend on Z-Wave

The Z-Wave ecosystem is huge. There are over 3,000 different certified products available from a range of makers, including a huge range of control and automation products made by Aeotec. And Z-Stick Gen5+ doesn’t just offer Z-Wave, it offers the best version of it.

Z-Stick Gen5+ is powered by Z-Wave Plus and Aeotec’s exclusive Gen5 stack, meaning it offers much more than just SmartStart and S2 Security.

wireless range

67% greater wireless range

Wirelessly optimized to be superior to the original Z-Stick, Z-Stick Gen5+ can now communicate over a distance of up to 150 metres / 492 feet in open spaces.

z-wave wireless bandwidth

250% more bandwidth

New automations require greater wireless bandwidth. This Gen5+ model of Z-Stick has a 250% greater communication throughput.

z-wave ota firmware updates

Powers firmware updates

There for you when your devices need updating, Z-Stick Gen5+ contains all the hardware needed to power over-the-air, Z-Wave firmware updates

z-wave wireless encryption

AES-128 bit encrypted

Built with both Z-Wave S0 and S2 security stacks, Z-Stick Gen5+'s communication is protected by AES-128 bit encryption and ECDH key exchange

Depend on Z-Stick

z-wave backup battery

100 mAh lithium battery

For ease-of-installation and always-online-operation, Z-Stick Gen5+ stays online thanks to its inbuilt 100 mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

Local hosting

If it isn't locally hosted, your automation system's security and privacy could be at risk. Take control of both by hosting your automation software locally on hardware that you control.

Z-Stick Gen5+ wireless z-stick gen5+ wireless
z-wave battery life

15 days' battery life

Installations that can't make use of SmartStart are still a breeze. With its backup battery making it portable, Z-Stick Gen5+ can be physically moved around premises and connected to each device at the point of installation.

automation software without cloud

Cloud free

If the cloud goes down, should your automation system? It's not so smart when things don't work. While most Z-Wave gateways depend on the cloud, Z-Stick Gen5+ lets you build your own to avoid downtime and a broken smart home.

Where to buy Z-Stick Gen5+

Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5+ is available from a number of retailers including at Amazon and SmartMatters. Select your country from the following drop down list to find out which Aeotec retailers have reported selling Z-Stick Gen5+.

For more information on Z-Stick Gen5+:

Z-Stick Gen5+ packaging z-stick gen5+ packaging

Where to buy Z-Stick 7

In conjunction with Popp.to, Aeotec has made early-access versions of the successor to Z-Stick Gen5+, Z-Stick 7, available for the purposes of testing and development. As 700 series Z-Wave is not yet compatible with all automation software, including open-source software, please use this compatible gateway software list to ensure that Z-Stick 7 is compatible with your chosen software prior to deciding between Z-Stick Gen5+ or Z-Stick 7.

If you'd like to understand the key differences between these two technologies, a comparison between Z-Stick Gen5+ and Z-Stick 7 is also available.

For more information on Z-Stick 7:

Z-Stick 7 packaging z-stick 7 packaging

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