MultiSensor 7 vs. MultiSensor 6

With 6 separate sensors built into this 7th generation sensor from Aeotec, there are far too many MultiSensor 7 features and technical aspects to describe in a single page. Instead, below is a highlight of key upgrades and feature enhancements which help to make MultiSensor 7 the premier automation sensor.

 MultiSensor 7MultiSensor 6
Motion sensor German made
Motion sensor China made
Motion sensor range12 metres
5 metres
Motion report delay0 seconds1 to 2 seconds
Light illuminance0 to 30,000 lux
±3% accuracy variance
0 to 30,000 lux
±5% accuracy variance
LED status indicatorYesNo
Calibration settings6344
Z-Wave PlusYesYes
Z-Wave 700 seriesYesNo
Gen7YesNo, Gen5
SmartStart setupYesNo
S2 securityYesNo
Fail-safe communication
Z-Wave supervision ensures data successfully passed to gateway
Z-Wave beamingYesNo
Z-Wave association groups111
Can control Z-Wave directly
Multichannel Association support
Wireless range (indoors)Up to 70 metres
Up to ~230ft
Up to 40 metres
Up to ~131ft
Wireless range (outdoors)1Up to 150 metres
Up to ~492ft
Up to 150 metres
Up to ~492ft
Battery poweredYesYes
USB poweredYes
Standard USB cable compatible
Aeotec-only USB cable

1 Outdoor wireless range detailed for performance understanding only. MultiSensor 7 not recommended for use in outdoor setting.

For further information on MultiSensor 7, please refer to the following documents or contact Aeotec.