Building upon Aeotec's leading implementation of
Z-Wave Plus comes Z-Wave S2 - the most secure version of Z-Wave available.

S2's foundation is everything required for a connected home: the latest version of Z-Wave, a 50% reduction in power-consumption versus older Z-Wave devices, and wireless communication that blends impressive reliability with a wireless range that broadcasts 67% further. S2 takes all that and enhances Aeotec's Z-Wave devices with industry leading security and response time.

Advanced encryption.

S2 enhances Z-Wave Plus, Gen5, and Gen7 with an additional layer of AES 128-bit encryption of wireless signals coupled with pro-security grade UL 1023 compliance.

Anti-hacking increase.

The first 2 layers of security are joined by a 3rd: always-on ECDH key exchange rendering man-in-the-middle and brute force hacking virtually impossible.

Better battery life.

ECDH and AES-128 bit reduce Z-Wave Plus' wireless data transfer; security communication now uses 66% less battery life.

Faster automation.

Your smart home becomes seamless. Aeotec's S2 devices improve Z-Wave's wireless performance speed by more 50%, reducing latency down to milliseconds you won't notice.

Announced Z-Wave S2 products.

Aeotec is actively designing new devices that use Z-Wave S2 while also upgrading existing devices. If you'd like to keep up to date with announcements and releases of S2 products, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Door Window Sensor 7

Door / Window Sensor 7.

Elegant. Intelligent. Smaller still.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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Doorbell 6

Doorbell 6.

Your home’s doors are now smart.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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Led Bulb 6

LED Bulb 6.

Make any light a smart light.

Gen 5

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Nano Shutter

Nano Shutter.

In-wall motor switch convertor.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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Palm sized remote control, massive on features.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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Range Extender 7

Range Extender 7.

Z-Wave maximized.

Gen 7 S2 Smart Start

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Recessed Door Sensor

Recessed Door Sensor 7.

Invisible home automation is perfect home automation.

Gen 7 S2 Smart Start

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Siren 6

Siren 6.

Your home’s smart indoor siren.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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Smart Switch 7

Smart Switch 7.

The smart switch gets smaller and smarter.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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TriSensor® provides your smart home with its 3 most essential pieces of data.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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New releases.

Aeotec has a number of new products in development for 2020, with the next of them to be announced in the near future. To find out what's new and when they're released, be sure to sign up to our newsletter.