Smart home. Smart office. Simply. Setting up a connected solution with Z-Wave has never been easier.

Available in select Z-Wave Plus devices built upon 500 series technology and all devices built upon 700 series technology, SmartStart lets you setup Z-Wave devices in seconds.

Using SmartStart enabled apps, simply scan the QR code on any compatible app to connect it to your Z-Wave gateway.

Pro installations.

Perfect for professional system integrators, SmartStart allows devices to be connected to a Z-Wave gateway before they’re even powered on. With SmartStart, the time it takes to install a full automation system is now significantly reduced.

DIY installations.

And for those who are installing Z-Wave devices themselves, SmartStart also help keep things easy. Provided the gateway offers SmartStart, connecting and setting up Z-Wave devices is now as easy and scanning a QR code.

Powered by Z-Wave.

SmartStart is powered by the leading standard of wireless automation, Z-Wave Plus. This QR code installation technology can be found in select Z-Wave devices using 500 series and all devices which use 700 series Z-Wave.

Security enhanced.

All Aeotec devices enhanced by SmartStart are also more secure. Whether enabled in Gen5 or Gen7, Aeotec devices that offer SmartStart also are Z-Wave S2 enhanced allowing them to pair the quickest setup with the leading automation security.

Z-Wave SmartStart products
from Aeotec.

Aeotec is actively designing and releasing devices that use all the latest IoT: technology including 700 series Z-Wave, Z-Wave S2, and SmartStart. If you'd like to keep up to date with announcements and releases of the latest devices to use Z-Wave, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.


Door / Window Sensor 7.

Elegant. Intelligent. Smaller still.

Now a 3-in-1 sensor but 44% smaller, Door / Window Sensor 7 provides your Z-Wave network with all the intelligence required for a modern automation and security system. S2 and SmartStart enabled, it’s the first sensor to feature Aeotec’s patented Spatial Intrusion AlgorithmTM.

View Door / Window Sensor 7.

Doorbell 6.

Your home’s doors are now smart.

Doorbell 6 from Aeotec makes your front door a part of your connected home. A two piece package, it offers an 110dB speaker for inside your home along with a wireless button for outside of it. Both LED lights and audio tones will alert you to someone being at your door, and you can personalise Doorbell 6 with up to 15 different alert tones.

View Doorbell 6.

LED Bulb 6.

Make any light a smart light.

Z-Wave LED bulbs bring smart lighting to Z-Wave. Offering the perfect shades of cool and warm light, along with 16 million shades of other coloured light, LED Bulb Gen5 and LED Bulb 6 are the modern light bulb as they should be: connected, controllable and perfectly considered.

View LED Bulb 6.

Siren 6.

Your home’s smart indoor siren.

With an inbuilt speaker whose configurable up to 110dB, Siren 6 is perfect for helping to keep your home safe and secure. Designed to offer both audio and visual alerts, it can be operate both an independent security siren and as a relay for other Z-Wave safety devices such as smoke sensors and leak detectors.

View Siren 6.

Smart Switch 7.

The smart switch gets smaller and smarter.

Now 84% smaller and with a host of new features, Smart Switch 7 is the wireless smart plug as it always should be been. Convert any wall outlet into a Z-Wave wall outlet just by plugging it in – it’s plug and play. From there you can automate, control, and also keep track of how much electricity you’re using. With help from Z-Wave to take your mind off from spiralling energy bills, you’ll have one less trouble to worry about.

View Smart Switch 7.

Range Extender 7.

Z-Wave maximized.

Wireless technology isn’t always perfect, that’s why Aeotec makes Range Extender 7 – a simple plug and play device that works to perfect your home automation system. It receives Z-Wave signals, amplifies them and then rebroadcasts them to your Z-Wave network, boosting its range and quality.

View Range Extender 7.

Recessed Door Sensor.

Invisible home automation is perfect home automation.

Truly intelligent. Truly invisible. At under 0.4" in width some might call it compact. We prefer to call it invisible. It’s a door-based sensor that’s been designed as the door sensor should have always been: powerful but invisible. It installs within a door's frame and monitors the use of that door, enabling security monitoring and powering intelligent automation.

View Recessed Door Sensor.

New releases.

Aeotec has a number of new products in development for 2019, with the next of them to be announced in the near future. To find out what's new and when they're released, be sure to sign up to our newsletter.