Z-Wave LR

There's an ease of application and installation that is inherient to wireless automation products; unlike their wired opposites, the installation of wireless Z-Wave and Zigbee devices doesn't require surfaces to be broken, skirting boards to be removed, and cables to be run through the walls of a property. But that ease and convenience provides no advantage if wireless performance is poor. That's why Aeotec's offering has always revolved around mesh technology and optimised antennas, and always been complemented by dedicated repeaters.

The maturing of our Gen7 and 700 series Z-Wave takes wireless performance to a whole new level, with Z-Wave now able to offer long-range wireless performance.

 Z-Wave LR700 series500 series
Max. battery life10 years10 years1.5 years
Mesh technologyNoYesYes
Max. network size4,000 devices232 devices232 devices
Operating ambient temperature-40 to 85°C-40 to 85°C-15 to 85°C
Max. wireless rangeSeveral miles anticipated
Typical wireless range1 mile (1.6 km)
Direct line of sight using +14dBm output power
Installation focusMDU, hotel, office, commercialResidential and officeResidential and office
Outdoor operationYes, focussedYes, limitedYes, limited