What it is Beaming / FLiRs Z-Wave devices are specifically battery Z-Wave devices that are constantly alternating between a partially awake state and sleeping state to listen for beaming signals without heavier battery use. When FLiRs receives a beaming message, it fully wakes up to communicate. What it does This allows a Z-Wave device to remain in a sleeping state to conserve power, but can be woken up at a moment notice to take in commands to listen to FLiRs battery. How it benefits them as end users Communicate with a Z-Wave battery device any time. Easier and faster configuration No need to manually wake up the sensor or wait for the next wake-up report Allows you to request updates at a whim Battery powered devices offering FLiRs utilize as much as 271% more battery power per day, on average. Although more power is used with FLiRs activated, the power use is negligable due to how little power is used (μA). 19-μA of power on average per day for FLiRs use 7-uA based on Z-Uno Which products have this Aeotec MultiSensor 7 (ZWA024) Popp Solar Outdoor Siren 2 (POPE700854)