Z-Wave Alliance

For over a decade, Aeotec has been a member of the Z-Wave Alliance.

A non-profit organsation which is responsible for determining the direction of Z-Wave, the Z-Wave Alliance is made up of more than 700 different companies who manufacture, distribute, and install Z-Wave products globally. But to say that it only determines the direction of Z-Wave as a technology would be to sell the alliance short. It's not only ensures a quality direction for Z-Wave, but it ensures a quality present.

As part of its purview, the Z-Wave Alliance is responsible for the certification of all devices branded and marketed as Z-Wave. Any device that hasn't received the alliance's certification, isn't guaranteed to work with the plethora of Z-Wave gateways and software available from the market. Nor are unvertified devices allowed to be sold or distributed. Naturally, all Aeotec and Popp Z-Wave devices are certified.

Current generation Z-Wave devices are certified to the latest Z-Wave standards, including those dependent on the following technologies;

Z-Wave Plus
Z-Wave Plus
Z-Wave 700 series
700 series
Z-Wave SmartStart
Z-Wave S2 security
S2 Security