Helping the standard dominante the connected home and office, 700 series Z-Wave is the newest technology available for the Z-Wave Plus upgrade cycle. But why is it better? And what products use it?

What makes 700 series Z-Wave better?

You’ll see from the comparison below that there are a LOT of things that make the 700 series edition of Z-Wave better. From the firmware to the chips themselves, there are massive improvements. At Aeotec, we think these are the best of them.

Amazingly low power.

700 series power performance is hugely improved. Wireless communication uses 64% less power and improvements to resting and active performance means battery life can be as much as 10 years when fully optimised.

Amazing wireless range.

Z-Wave Plus cements its position as the best platform for wirelessly connected devices with 700 series. With a wireless range of up to 800 metres / 2,600 feet (hop mode), Z-Wave devices can now communicate 250% further using significantly less power.

Faster automation.

Z-Wave is all about control and automation. 700 series does it quickest. An 18% more powerful CPU is coupled with wireless transfers reaching 100 kbit/s and instantaneous security. 700 series calculates the quickest and acts the quickest.

Leading wireless security.

Smart home and smart office technology has to be secure. 700 series is. The 3 optional layers of security that 500 series offered are now mandatory and enhanced in 700 series Z-Wave.

700 series comparison.

Generation after generation, Z-Wave continues to develop at an exciting (but measured) pace. First there was Z-Wave, then came a major upgrade with Z-Wave Plus and 500 series. 700 series builds on all that.

The 700 series edition of Z-Wave Plus chips and modules offer major advantages over older versions of Z-Wave in a lot of different categories. End users will notice them the most in wireless speed and improved battery life. Developers will notice them the most in the improved wireless range and the improved memory.

The following table is a detailed comparison of Z-Wave Plus 700 versus 300 and 500 editions. We’ve highlighted the winning element in green - you’ll see that 700 series Z-Wave is the easy winner and the best wireless technology for the connected home and office.

  300 series 500 series 700 series
Hardware Platform      
CPU / MCU Optimized 8051 CPU Core Optimized 8051 CPU Core ARM® Cortex M4
CPU / MCU Speed 16 MHz 32 MHz 39 MHz
Memory 2 kB 16 kB 64 kB
Flash Memory 32 kB 128 kB 512 kB
Gecko No No Yes
SAW Filter No Optional Inbuilt
Number of GPIO pins 10 14 32
Operating ambient temperature -15 to 85°C -10 to 85°C -40 to 85°C
Chipset dimensions (mm) 12.5 x 13.6 x 2.4 13.6 x 12.5 x 1.9 9 x 9 x 1.21
Power Use      
Active power consumption 36 mA 35 mA 12.5 mA
Sleep-mode power consumption 2.5 uA 1 uA 1 uA
Security energy use - - 50% less
Coin cell compatible No No Yes
Maximum battery life 1 year 1.5 years 10 years
Wireless Security      
Network key Optional Yes Yes
AES-128 bit encryption No Optional Always
ECDH No Optional Always
S2 No Optional Always
SmartStart No Optional Always
Man in the middle attack prevention No Optional Always
Wireless Performance      
Output power DBM (TX) -2.5 dBm 300 series +2.5dBM up to +13 dBm
Range sensitivity (RX) -102 dBm / -98 dBm down to -103 dBm with saw filter -97.5 dBm
Wireless speed 9.6 / 40 kbit/s 9.6 / 40 / 100 kbit/s 9.6 / 40 /100 kbit/s
Maximum wireless range outdoors (Direct) up to 100 metres up to 150 metres more than 200 meters
Maximum wireless range outdoors (Max Hop/Repeat) up to 400 metres up to 600 metres more than 800 meters
Maximum wireless range indoors (Direct) more than 30 metres up to 75 metres up to 100 meters
Maximum wireless range indoors (Max Hop/Repeat) more than 120 metres up to 300 metres up to 400 meters
Z-Wave Specific Features      
Included in N/A Gen5 Gen7
Z-Wave Plus No Yes Yes
Backwards compatibility Yes, with 100 series Yes, 100 to 300 series. Yes, 100 to 500 series.
Network Wide Inclusion No Optional Yes
Explorer Frames No Yes Yes
Advanced route diversity calculation No Yes Yes
Flirs (Beaming wakeup) Optional Optional Always
OTA Z-Wave firmware updates No Optional Always
Released May 2005 March 2013 April 2019

Announced Z-Wave 700 series products.

Aeotec is the leading developer of devices that use Z-Wave 700 series. But, we’re still keeping things a little secret right now and haven’t publicly announced which devices we’re preparing to release. If you'd like to keep up to date with our 700 series announcements and releases, be sure to subscribe to the Aeotec newsletter.

And we don’t just develop products for ourselves. If you’d like to explore Aeotec’s 700 series Z-Wave development services, please contact us.

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New releases.

Aeotec has a number of new products in development for 2020, with the next of them to be announced in the near future. To find out what's new and when they're released, be sure to sign up to our newsletter.