z-wave temperature sensor z-wave temperature sensor

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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Accurate air management. Precision engineered in Germany, aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor is small in size but big on impact. 1 tiny sensor. 4 major measurements integral to any Z-Wave system automating heating, cooling or air health.

z-wave humidity sensor z-wave humidity sensor

One, tiny sensor that offers monitoring of crucial indoor environment measurements

z-wave temperature sensor

Manage heating and cooling and keep a space perfectly temperate; aërQ technology monitors and reports temperatures between -10°C and 65°C (14°F and 149°F) and with an accuracy of ±1ºC.

z-wave humidity sensor

Whether to manage air flow in living spaces or steam in showers, aërQ technology can measure a space’s relative humidity at ranges between 0% and 80% and with an accuracy of ±3%.

z-wave dew sensor

Comfort and dew point go hand in hand. Too low and skin can become irritated. Too high and you won't cool down on a hot day. aërQ technology measures a space’s dew point at the same range that it measures its relative humidity.

z-wave mould estimation sensor

Compatible software, such as AutoPilot, utilises aërQ technology to assay the potential for poor quality air and warn of the likelihood of mould spores forming.

Install it (just about) anywhere

Understanding and intelligence, everywhere you need it.

aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor is small. Really small. At 35mm (1.38") wide, it's only a little wider than a coin cell battery. It's been crafted that size so that it can be installed almost anywhere you need to measure temperature and humidity, and analyse some attributes of air health. Precision engineered, its accuracy and focus allow it to enhance the measurements your automation systems receive from other sensors while its size allows for multiple sensors to be unobtrusively installed in large-space rooms.

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And understanding

When synced with compatible Z-Wave software, you’ll be able to monitor in-room temperature, humidity, and health anytime and from anywhere.

A list of known gateway compatibilities is available at that link.

And automation.

aërQ Temperature and Humidity Sensor is more than just informational. Fully compatible Z-Wave gateways will empower you to tap into its measurements and analysis, using various data points and conclusions to enable powerful and intelligent automations.

Cool or heat a space to make it just right. Automatically.

Set and automate your desired climate and turn on connected ventillation, air conditioning or heating when a space's temperature is calculated to to be less than perfect.

Humidify a space when the air is too dry. Automatically.

Saunas should feel like saunas, deserts like deserts. Monitor a room's relative humidity and automatically turn on connected humidifiers, de-humidifiers, or extractions fans.

Adjust air flow when air quality is poor. Yes, automatically.

Turn on fans and open windows automatically or responsively when aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor alerts you to poor quality air and the potential for mould to form.

Intelligence in-sync.

From MultiSensor 7 to Radiator Thermostat, multiple Aeotec products make measurements of temperature or humidity. Compatible software allows those measurements to work in unison with those taken by aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor, or even multiple sensors, in order to make accurate averages of the temperature and humidity in even the largest rooms.

z-wave temperature measurement z-wave temperature measurement

1 battery.
2 years' lifespan

A single coin-cell battery keeps measuring for years. Accurately.

German-engineered around a single, inexpensive, CR2477, coin-cell battery, aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor’s use of ultra-low power Gen7 and S2 Z-Wave technologies allows it to work for up to 2 years before you need to change its battery. And changing its batterry is a breeze: simply separate the two parts, recycle the existing battery, and slide in a new one. aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor will be up and measuring again in moments.

z-wave temperature sensor battery z-wave temperature sensor battery

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