Z-Wave Home Automation.

At Aeotec it’s our mission to help you build the home of tomorrow, today. We do this through what we specialise in: technology. Technology that can be applied to home automation. Technology that can be applied to a home’s comforts. But most importantly, technology that is reliable, proven and standardised.

Z-Wave is one such technology, and we’re specialists in it.

Like Wi-Fi, Z-Wave is a wireless communication technology. It allows all of Aeotec’s Z-Wave devices to talk to each other, and to other approved Z-Wave devices no matter who has made them. All of that communication happens reliably, without interference, without consuming a lot of power, and it all happens securely.

Below you can find out more about Aeotec’s Z-Wave home automation products and our different Z-Wave ranges.


No cables. No complex installation. No fuss.

Z-Wave uses a low-frequency, high-range wireless technology allowing Aeotec's Z-Wave products to communicate over distances as great as 492 feet / 150 metres.

Low power.

Whether it's a Z-Wave product we've designed to help you save energy or one of our battery powered products, all our our devices utilise Z-Wave's low power capabilities with our Z-Wave Plus devices offering a further 50% reduction in battery use.


Aeotec's range of Gen5, Gen7, and S2 Z-Wave products set themselves apart by offering 3 different layers of security to avoid security breaches, hacking, and interference.

Interference free.

Little is worse than unreliability. Z-Wave avoids being affected by, as well as causing, wireless interference and weak signals by using low-frequency channels to communicate.

z-wave mesh
Mesh technology.

Wireless signals get lost. Z-Wave signals don't. That's because key Z-Wave devices act as part of a mesh network, receiving, amplifying and repeating signals intended for other Z-Wave devices.

build z-wave system

Buy a device today and another in a year. Z-Wave is the expandable Z-Wave home automation standard, capable of being expanded and modified at any time, and to suit any budget.

diy z-wave
Easy to use.

Whether a DIY or professional installation, Aeotec's Z-Wave products have been designed to be easy to setup and be even easier to use. Installation can take seconds for our SmartStart enhanced products and minutes for those without SmartStart.

z-wave compatible
Cross compatible.

It's your home and your home control system. Aeotec's Z-Wave range are compatible with the broadest range of gateways, are backwards compatible with other Z-Wave device whether 300 or 400 series, and aren't susceptible to the wireless interface that plagues other standards such as Zigbee.

Operator series.

The perfect home automation system is the invisible home automation system. Aeotec helps make such a system, but we also make the products the end users have to (and often want to) see.

Some provide end users with functionality, some with feedback. All provide them with aesthetics that will be cohesive in any home.

Led strip

LED Strip.

Paint your home in light.

Gen 5

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Nano Dimmer

Nano Dimmer.

Make any dimmer switch wireless connected.

Gen 5

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Nano Shutter

Nano Shutter.

In-wall motor switch convertor.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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Nano Switch

Nano Switch.

Make any socket or switch wirelessly connected.

Gen 5

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Radiator Thermostat

Radiator Thermostat.

Heating in harmony.

Gen 5

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Smart Switch 7

Smart Switch 7.

The smart switch gets smaller and smarter.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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Switches and Dimmers

Switches & Dimmers.

Connected motor control.

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Intelligence series.

Home automation is only as good as it is intelligent.

Aeon Labs’ Intelligence Series offers unparalleled information to a Z-Wave network, allowing it to make make truly intelligent, automated decisions.

Door Window Sensor 6

Door / Window Sensor 6.

A smart sensor, perfected.

Gen 5

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Door Window Sensor 7

Door / Window Sensor 7.

Elegant. Intelligent. Smaller still.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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Doorbell 6

Doorbell 6.

Your home’s doors are now smart.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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Home Energy Meter

Home Energy Meter.

Keep your own eye on your electricity.

Gen 5

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MultiSensor 6

MultiSensor 6.

Motion sensor. Humidity sensor. Thermometer. Light sensor.

Gen 5

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Range Extender 7

Range Extender 7.

Z-Wave maximized.

Gen 7 S2 Smart Start

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With Recessor, the impossibly small MultiSensor 6 and TriSensor become even smaller.

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Recessed Door Sensor

Recessed Door Sensor.

Invisible home automation is perfect home automation.

Gen 7 S2 Smart Start

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Siren 6

Siren 6.

Your home’s smart indoor siren.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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TriSensor® provides your smart home with its 3 most essential pieces of data.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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Water Sensor 6

Water Sensor 6.

Sensitive. Accurate. Adaptive.

Gen 5

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Controller series.

From smart phones to touch panels, there are any number of interfaces that owners can use to interact with their Z-Wave network.

We specialise in making the hardware controllers. We’re engineers. Hardware is what we do best.



Palm sized remote control, massive on features.

Gen 5 S2 Smart Start

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Z-Wave control from a wall switch. Naturally.

Gen 5

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US wall switch interface for Nano range.

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Make your computer the heart of your Z-Wave network.

Gen 5

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New releases.

Aeotec has a number of new products in development for 2020, with the next of them to be announced in the near future. To find out what's new and when they're released, be sure to sign up to our newsletter.