Sound Sensor.

Safe In Sound.

There’s safety in sound. When we’re home and we hear a sound that shouldn’t be there, we become alert. That sound could be a smoke alarm, it could be a sound at the window or, in the worst case, it could be an unexpected footstep.

But our ability to sense sound in the home has only been useful when we’ve actually been at home. No more.

z-wave glass break sensor
Glass break sensor.
Thieves don’t always come in through your doors. Sound Sensor lets you know when intruders are trying to break in by smashing your windows.
z-wave sound sensor
Presence sensor.
Knowing if someone is in a room is essential, especially when you’re not home. Sound Sensor listens for sounds that shouldn’t be there, sending you alerts when they are.
z-wave smoke sensor
Smoke sensor.
Monitor your home’s most important safety sensors without replacing them. Sound Sensor can make any smoke detector a Z-Wave smoke detector.
z-wave gas sensor
CO & CO2 sensor.
Whether it’s carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide that you’re monitoring, Sound Sensor can integrate CO detectors into your home’s Z-Wave network.
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