Automation software

Quality automation demands a quality gateway

No two spaces are alike. Each of us has different needs from the spaces in which they spend our time. The right automation software delivers on those needs.

Already powering automation systems in over 400,000 properties, Aeotec offers 4 quality automation platforms. Each is compatible with a huge array of products from Aeotec and third-party brands, but each is distinctly engineered to cater to different user needs, property sizes, and user preferences.


For many, the best gateway is the one you build yourself. Embedded with Security 2 and SmartStart, Aeotec's Z-Stick platform is compatible with a huge range of open-source and commercial software.
aeotec z-stick aeotec z-stick

works with smartthings

Make things smarter. Aeotec's range of Works with SmartThings products focus on connecting a home's electronics and making your home-life more than a little bit easier.

smartthings z-wave gateway hub

aeotec z-pi 7

German-engineering meets Gen7 and 700 series Z-Wave in this PCB adapter crafted to convert Raspberry Pi into a gateway compatible with custom and open-source software.

autopilot z-wave devices

aeotec autopilot

The art of mastering the moment. AutoPilot is German-engineered with a focus on automating each day's touch points.

autopilot z-wave devices