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Z-Stick Gen5 Plus

For many, the best gateway is the one you build yourself. Embedded with Security 2 and SmartStart, Z-Stick Gen5+ is compatible with the full range of leading open-source and commercial software.
aeotec z-stick gen5

works with smartthings

Make things smarter. Aeotec's range of Works with SmartThings products focus on connecting a home's electronics and making your home-life more than a little bit easier.

smartthings z-wave gateway hub

aeotec autopilot

The art of mastering the moment. AutoPilot is German-engineered with a focus on automating each day's touch points.

autopilot z-wave devices

Z-Wave gateway compatibility comparison.

There are a lot of different Z-Wave gateways that you can buy for your smart home, some better than others. While design and interfaces do a lot to set different gateways apart, the amount of different Z-Wave devices a gateway is compatible with is potentially its best feature. Without broad device compatibility, you're limited in just how good and how smart your connected home can really be.

To help you compare different Z-Wave hubs and software, Aeotec maintains the following list of Aeotec devices and the gateways that support them.

Compatibility of Z-Wave devices from Aeotec

Select any of the following Aeotec Z-Wave products to find out more about known gateway compatibility:


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Z-Wave device compatibility program.

Aeotec operates a dedicated integration program to assist gateway developers with samples and technical support for each of our Aeotec and Popp Z-Wave products. If you're a gateway developer looking for integration assistance with any of our products, please get in touch.