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Door / Window Sensor Gen5.

Monitor your doors. Monitor your windows. Monitor anything that opens or closes.

The power of simplicity.

Is something opened or closed? The key to home automation is intelligence. And that’s what Door / Window Sensor Gen5 provides. There’s power in the simplicity of knowing if your home’s doors and windows are opened or closed. And there’s power in monitoring them to see when they’re opened or closed, no matter where in the world you are. Aeotec’s Door / Window Sensor Gen5 brings powerful intelligence to any object that you attach it to. Doors. Windows. Cupboards. Whatever it is that opens or closes, you can keep an eye on it whether you’re home or not.
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The power of knowing.

With simple intelligence comes huge capabilities. With Door / Window Sensor Gen5 attached, you can do more than simply monitor entranceways and windows - you can build powerful home control and security automations.

z-wave security

Security systems. Intruders nearly always uses doors and windows to break into your home. Use Door / Window Sensor Gen5 as part of a Z-Wave security system to protect your home, valuables, and loved ones.


Notifications. Not everything is about breaking in. From children being in rooms they shouldn’t to toddlers accessing medical cupboards, Door / Window Sensor Gen5 lets you remotely monitor your home’s internal doors and protect your family.


Reminders. Leaving home but have left a window open? Never again. A combination of your Z-Wave gateway’s notification system and Door / Window System Gen can remind you of the doors and windows you haven’t closed or secured.

home control

Home control. Smart homes are only smart when they understand the state of a home. Door / Window Sensor Gen5 lets your Z-Wave system better manage the ambiance your home, whether that’s lighting or cooling or anything else, by understanding when doors and windows are used, closed or opened.

Simple to install.

Security and intelligence simply. Door / Window Sensor Gen5 is the sensor that can be installed in moments. Using either the provided screws or the double sided tape, you simply need to affix its 2 parts on a door or window and its frame. From there, pair it with your Z-Wave system. It’s all setup in moments.

Protects itself.

Just because it’s easy to install doesn’t mean that it can be removed without anyone noticing. Door / Window Sensor Gen5 monitors itself to make sure that it’s always working - it also monitors itself to make sure that no one attempts to move or remove it. Should that happen, Door / Window Sensor’s inbuilt tamper detection system will send a notification to your Z-Wave network and any of the devices you connect.

Set it. Forget it.

Because it’s built upon both Z-Wave Plus and Aeotec’s exclusive Gen5, Door / Window Sensor Gen5 offers not just excellent security but also excellent battery life. You’ll set it up and not have to do anything else. Door / Window Sensor Gen5 offers as much as 2 years’ battery life with normal use and an excellent 400 days of operation with frequent use.

battery powered sensor

400  x  10

                   days         opens/day

Where to buy Door / Window Sensor Gen5.

Door / Window Sensor Gen5 is available for purchase at the following online retailers.

Smart Living Technology

Aartech Canada, Amazon.ca

Amazon.fr, Domadoo

New Zealand.
Active Automation

Allcontroll A/S

Automate Asia, Twenty-One Pte Ltd

Amazon.es, Domboo

United Kingdom.
Amazon.co.uk, Vesternet

United States.

aeotec z-wave door window sensor gen5 packaging

In the box.

  • Door / Window Sensor Gen5.
  • Double-sided tapes and screws.
  • Quick start guide.

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