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As a competent partner in the field of device development and consulting, especially in the area of Z-Wave, we can look back on a large number of successful projects that we have successfully implemented together with our customers.

web applications

Web Applications.
Tailored to your needs with modern web technologies.

A web application enables the fast and effective development of platform-independent software that runs on all operating systems and end devices. Applications can be developed for mobile devices as well as for the normal browser.

In this context, we offer a fully comprehensive development, which also covers the corresponding server-side requirements.

Using modern web technologies and frameworks, we work with you to implement a future-proof and scalable solution.

Development according to common standards and languages such as C/C++

Our team has extensive experience in developing custom firmware and software for a wide range of platforms and device types.

Whether it’s part of a complex IoT solution, a custom controller, or an industrial sensor with secure connectivity, our firmware team is here for you.


Into existing IoT solutions, such as SmartThings, AutoPilot

To help you place your product as effectively and broadly as possible in the market, we offer appropriate integrations into well-known large IoT ecosystems. Here the focus is on the greatest possible compatibility of your product in the in the IOT market.

Among others, we offer integration for the following systems:

Samsung SmartThings
more on demand

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