Home Energy Meter 8

Energy Monitoring, that fits all homes.

Revolutionize energy management with Aeotec integrated with SmartThings Home Energy Meter 8 (Z-Wave 800 series). Seamlessly monitor and optimize energy consumption and production in real-time, ensuring significant energy savings. Gain instant insights, set energy-saving goals, and efficiently reduce utility bills via your Smart Home Hub. With SmartThings integration, enjoy remote control capabilities, cost savings, and sustainable energy practices.

Stay in Control, Anytime, Anywhere, with Home Energy Meter 8

In today’s interconnected world, your smart home deserves a piece of the action. The ‘Home Energy Meter 8’, compatible with SmartThings for a smarter home, is your ticket to staying informed and in charge of your energy consumption, no matter where you are. Whether you’re at the office, traveling, or just lounging at home, this innovative device lets you make intelligent choices about your energy use. Experience smart energy management, save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and create an eco-friendly haven. Don’t miss out on the chance to embrace the future of energy-saving technology.

Smart Power Management, Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs!

Home Energy Meter 8, integrated with SmartThings, is the ultimate solution for efficient energy management. It skillfully measures surplus power from sources like solar panels, ensuring not a single watt goes to waste. This intelligent device seamlessly connects to up to 3 phases of your mains power, prioritizing self-generated energy, effectively cutting costs, and reducing grid dependence. Its real-time tracking, boasting 99% accuracy, empowers you with crystal-clear insights into your spending and consumption. With data securely shared through your Z-Wave gateway, take full control while maintaining your privacy. Gain precise power insights and effortlessly automate your appliances, perfectly aligning with your energy generation and smart home needs for an eco-friendly environment.

energy meter with solar panel

Unlock Energy Insights: Uncover and Conquer Power Drains!

Reimagining electricity meters, the Home Energy Meter offers unmatched wireless connectivity. With Z-Wave Gen8 technology, it exceeds previous versions, boasting extended range capabilities of up to 984 feet or 300 meters. Secure AES-128 encryption ensures data privacy. Seamlessly integrated with SmartThings, this meter optimizes energy usage, providing accurate insights and efficient appliance control. Upgrade to this advanced Home Energy Meter for enhanced connectivity and superior energy management in your smart home.

Powerful Adaptability: Mastering Diverse Environments!

Home Energy Meter 8 is the ultimate all-weather performer, designed to thrive in even the most challenging conditions. With an elevated humidity tolerance, it conquers humid areas with ease, ensuring consistent top-notch performance. And when it comes to braving the cold, its enhanced operation temperature makes it the ideal choice for frosty climates. Home Energy Meter 8 delivers unwavering performance, no matter the weather. It’s your key to seamless and efficient energy management, providing rock-solid support for a greener future.

Revolutionary Wireless Reach: Surpassing Boundaries!

Imagine a world where your home’s devices sync with the rhythm of your power production. From washing machines to heaters, they spring to life when your solar panels are at their peak, slashing your electricity costs. Thanks to the Home Energy Meter, this vision becomes a reality. It delivers precise power insights, allowing you to automate your appliances in harmony with your energy generation. Link it to your Z-Wave Smart Home gateway, add some actuators, and watch your home become a beacon of efficiency and savings, compliant with Matter for seamless connectivity.

Automate your Home based on your habits. Aeotec Energy Manager lets you create individual routines and automations. ​

When energy production is high ...

Automations are triggered by conditions. Aeotec Energy Meter detects automatically, when your solar power plant or other green power source produces enough power to trigger certain household devices. To make sure you use own produced energy as sufficient as possible.

... Then switch on appliances and charge EV car.

You appliances are only switched on, when there is own produced green power. Smart plugs and heavy duty switches can be utilised to control appliances by turning them On or Off while measuring their power consumption.

1 Clamp for 1-phase systems

1 Clamp for 1-phase systems (SKU: ZW095 1P60A)

  • Input Voltage: 230V~, 50Hz 10 mA
  • Voltage Measure: 180V~ to 260V~
  • Max. measure current: 0A to 60A
  • Z-Wave Frequency: 868 MHz

2 Clamps for 2-phase systems

2 Clamps for 2-phase systems (SKU: ZW095 2P200A)

  • Input Voltage: 120V~, 60Hz 20 mA
  • Voltage Measure: 80V~ to 120V~
  • Max. measure current: 0A to 200A
  • Z-Wave Frequency: 908 MHz

3 Clamps for 3-phase systems

3 Clamps for 3-phase systems (SKU: ZW095 3P460A)

  • Input Voltage: 230V~, 50Hz 10 mA
  • Voltage Measure: 180V~ to 260V~
  • Max. measure current: 0A to 60A
  • Z-Wave Frequency: 868 MHz

No matter your system’s complexity, Home Energy Meter 8 ensures you have the right tool for the job. It’s all about providing the perfect fit for your energy monitoring needs in your smart home.

Home Energy Meter 8 Home Energy Meter 5
Z-Wave Gen Gen 8 Gen 5
Operating Humidity 8% - 95% 8% - 80%
Operating Temperature -15°C - 40°C
(-26°F - 104°F)
0°C to 40°C
(32°F - 104°F)
Operating Distance Up to 984 feet outdoors Up to 427 feet outdoors
Measure Range of Voltage 80V~ to 150V~ (USA version, 2P)
180V~ to 260V~ (EU version, 1P/3P4)
220V~ to 400V~ (EU version, 3P3)
80V~ to 150V~ (USA version, 2P)
180V~ to 260V~ (EU version, 1P/3P4)
220V~ to 400V~ (EU version, 3P3)
Measure Range of Current 0A to 200A 0A to 200A
Measurement Accuracy Over 99% (if current is greater than 0.05A) Over 99% (if current is greater than 0.05A)
Number of supported Phases (Clamps) 3 3
Works with SmartThings Yes Yes
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Control doesn`t stop here.

Aeotec’s range of intelligent, automation controllers doesn’t end with Home Energy Meter. From smart plugs to wireless wall switches, it’s a range that keeps you in control and ensures that automation systems are always an intelligent enhancement. 

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