Heavy Duty
Smart Switch.

Smart Switch. And then some.

Heavy Duty Smart Switch is built upon Aeotec’s smart switch technology. Just like our smart switches, it can be automated, manually controlled, and remotely monitored. Just like our smart switches, it is imbued with Aeotec’s reliable and accurate power-consumption monitoring technology.

electric cars z-wave

Electronics that use up to 40 amps of power. They’re the big electronics and appliances in your home. Big fridges and pool pumps. Hot water systems and electric car chargers.

If it’s big, if it uses a lot of power, Heavy Duty Smart Switch was made for it.


Wireless control.
Whatever it’s wired into is at your control. Heavy Duty Smart Switch can be controlled on demand via Z-Wave remote controls, apps and gateways.

automation control

Automation control.
Electronics don’t always have to be turned, just when we need them. Heavy Duty Smart Switch lets you automate and schedule the operation of the high-power devices wired into it.

money control

Money control.
High-power electronics tend to be those that cost the most amount of money to run. Heavy Duty Smart Switch can calculate and report your spend in watts and kilowatt hours in real-time.

emergency control

Emergency control.
In the event of an emergency, Z-Wave can be used to turn off the electronics that Heavy Duty Smart Switch are connected to. That’ll help prevent further damage to the electronics and your home.

aeotec heavy duty smart switch wiring
z-wave high power smart switch

Straightforward installation.

Whoever handles it, they’ll have Heavy Duty Smart Switch installed like a pro in no time. They’ll need a screwdriver and a wirestripper; everything else comes in the box. After safely turning off the power, they’ll install Heavy Duty Smart Switch inline, stripped the wires, and attaching the provided wire terminals to the power cable and to Heavy Duty Smart Switch. There isn’t much more to do, and you can read the installation instructions in advance here.

outdoor z-wave switch

Indoor switch and outdoor switch.

It’s the Z-Wave smart switch that you can use indoors out outdoors.

More has been done to Heavy Duty Smart Switch than simply waterproofing it for outdoor use. It’s also been crafted with all the technology necessary for it to perform outdoors flawlessly; a long-range antenna capable of communicating over 150 metres (490 feet) outdoors, and a Z-Wave repeater so that it can also communicate with other Z-Wave devices installed outdoors.

inbuilt repeater

Inbuilt repeater.
Capable of rebroadcasting Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus signals.

stunning range

Stunning range.
Communicates outdoors over 150 metres / 490 feet.


Rated to IP44 for indoor or outdoor use.

4 amps

Powerful switch.
Heavy Duty Smart Switch can power devices that draw up to 40 amps or 9600 Watts of power.


Wireless switch.
Wireless that isn’t weak. Heavy Duty Smart Switch can communicate with other Z-Wave devices that are up to 150 metres away.

updated switch

Updated switch.
The smart switch that gets smarter thanks firmware updates that can be installed wirelessly and over-the-air firmware.

z-wave plus

Z-Wave Plus.
Like our plug and play Smart Switch 6, Heavy Duty Smart Switch is built upon the latest Z-Wave technology: Z-Wave Plus.


Gen5 infused.
The best Z-Wave, the best firmware. Heavy Duty Smart Switch is built upon Aeotec’s leading Gen5 technology, offering the fastest response times and wireless range.

Secure switch

Secure switch.
Perfect for when it’s used outdoors, Heavy Duty Smart Switch offers banking grade AES-128 wireless data encryption to keep its control and data secure.

Where to buy Heavy Duty Smart Switch.

Heavy Duty Smart Switch is available for purchase at the following online retailers:

Aartech Canada

New Zealand.
Active Automation

Allcontroll A/S, Tronika


United Kingdom.

United States.

For more information:

User Manual Tech. Specs.
aeotec z-wave heavy duty smart switch packaging

In the box.

  • 8 AWG wire terminals (x8).
  • 10 AWG wire terminals (x10).
  • Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5.
  • Quick start guide and manual.
  • Wall-mounting screws (x2).

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