Z-Wave software for the Mac uses Aeotec’s Z-Stick

Controlling a Z-Wave home automation system from a Mac without needing an additional gateway has long been on the wish list of many. Today, Perceptive Automation has crossed that wish list item off.

The company today released the first public beta of the 6th edition of its popular software offering, Indigo. Indigo 6 is a home automation software and server solution for Mac OS X users that, for the first time, offers Z-Wave control to them.

To enable Z-Wave compatibility between the software and the Mac, Perceptive Automation have opted to use Aeotec by Aeon Labs’ 2nd edition Z-Stick. Working as the primary transmitter both for the Mac and for Indigo 6, the Z-Stick’s USB interface means that Indigo is instantly compatible with Z-Wave systems worldwide with the Z-Stick currently available in a number of regions including Australia, Europe, Great Britain and the United States amongst others.

New releases.

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