20 Next-Generation Smart Home Products Announced.

Aeon Labs adds 20 new products to its 2nd edition range of Z-Wave home automation technologies.

SANTA CLARA, California — July 5, 2012 — Aeon Labs, parent company of Aeotec, today revealed the first of its next-generation products for its category defining Z-Wave home automation line. Across a selection of lifestyle, energy management and safety focussed offerings, Aeon Labs’ forthcoming Z-Wave products take the best part of 6 years’ worth of research, development and manufacturing to carefully craft products which reflect the changing nature of how each of us lives, and wants to live, within the home and office spaces in which we spend most of our time.

In total, Aeon Labs is today announcing the addition of 20 new products to its 2nd edition range of Z-Wave home control technologies. All scheduled to be released across late 2012 and in 2013, a selection of the 20 new products will be previewed by Aeon Labs at CEDIA EXPO 2012 in Indiana, USA this week. These will include new products from Aeon Labs’:

Energy Series
Expanding for greater accuracy and control, Aeon Labs’ Energy Series will soon include 2nd editions of its Home Energy Meter, Smart Switch and Smart Dimmer, along with the release of the all-new Smart PowerStrip. With each featuring improvements both inside and out, customers can expect an Energy Series that is:

  • much smaller, with some devices more than 50% smaller than their first generation counterparts.
  • much more accurate in their energy consumption monitoring, with the 2nd edition Home Energy Meter now capable of monitoring the amount of watts or kilowatt-hours that a home or office is using, all in real-time and now with power fluctuation monitoring.

Control Series
Reflecting the evolution of technology design and Z-Wave’s capabilities, Aeon Labs’ expanded Control Series will include a 2nd edition of its best-selling Minimote portable scene controller, along with all-new Key Fob and Panic Button controllers. These two new Control Series offerings have both been crafted as multi-purpose scene controllers and have been designed in a tiny form factor capable of being carried as part of a key chain.

Ambiance Series
Complimenting Aeon Labs’ in-wall Micro lighting, appliance and motor controllers will be two new Touch Panels. With their glass touch-sensitive switches and brushed aluminium sides, each Touch Panel brings subtle, modern aesthetics to the humble wall switch and will be capable of controlling individual devices or whole scenes.

Safety Series
The motion detection, humidity, temperature and light sensing capabilities of Aeon Labs’ 4-in-1 MultiSensor are joined by 2 new safety and security focussed products: the Siren and the Water Sensor. Designed as multi-functional tools, the Siren can provide both an audible warning and lighting during an emergency, while the Water Sensor is capable of detecting both the presence and absence of as little as 0.03% of an inch of water. The next-generation range of Aeon Labs’ Safety Series will also be complimented by the release of a 2nd edition Door / Window Sensor, which will offer customers the latest Z-Wave technology along with a 20% reduction in the sensor’s size.

Information on the rest of Aeon Labs’ 20 new Z-Wave products will be made available as each product comes closer to release.

Each of the new Z-Wave enabled products will join an already established 2nd edition line which is successfully sold and marketed across Australia, Europe, New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom. Aeon Labs has also recently announced the expansion of its 2nd edition line into China, reflecting the growing influence of the BRIC nations upon home automation and control technologies.

New releases.

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