The art of mastering the moment.™

Moments managed.

We spend 90% of our lives indoors. AutoPilot offers unparalleled control and automation over the electronics that surround us.

AutoPilot directly connects to a huge range of devices from Aeotec, POPP, and 3rd party makers. Once connected, it can wirelessly control, schedule, intuitively automate, and intelligently monitor them. Whether for the mundane or the momentous, AutoPilot works to manage and perfect the spaces in which we live our lives.

Its management of the spaces in which we live and work revolve around 8 different triggers;








Remote controls.

Managing what matters.

Managing what matters.

The control and intelligence it offers is broad, but the benefits of AutoPilot are obsessively focussed on what matters most.

Most space management platforms are focussed on simple luxuries, like controlling your lights from an app. Not AutoPilot. From air quality to personal security, AutoPilot is focussed on the 4 key areas where current technology can help people live their best and healthiest life.



It does more than manage the moments that matter. AutoPilot brings understanding to those moments.

Has a child returned home? Has an office started work for the day? Is it a hotel room in use? Whether we’re home occupiers or business owners, we want to do more than manage the spaces we own - we want to understand what’s going on in them as well. AutoPilot’s automation-intelligence engine is complemented by intuitive and local analysis, allowing you to understand what happens, when it happens, and why it happens. And it does so privately and securely thanks to AutoPilot’s obsessive focus on platform security and privacy.

Designed for distinguished

Designed for distinguished spaces.

Engineered from the ground up to control buildings from the ground up, AutoPilot manages small spaces just as well as it manages grand plans.

Getting your spaces in order is easy with AutoPilot. You segment the rooms and areas in which you spend your time into spaces. Rooms become spaces. Distinct sections of open-plan areas can become spaces too. And though it’s focussed on improving your time indoors, AutoPilot’s spaces can be indoors or out. Each space can be controlled independently, each device in each space can be too. Or spaces can be managed in clusters - a simple command or intelligent automation changing multiple things in multiple spaces all at once.

Devices for every scenario.

To impact 4 key areas of importance, AutoPilot is compatible with hundreds of devices.

AutoPilot’s ability to monitor and manage the spaces in which we live and work is powered by software, machine learning, and wireless compatibility with a large number of sensors, controllers, and operators. AutoPilot is natively compatible with devices from Aeotec, POPP, and third-party devices from the likes of Philips Hue and Global Cache.

Air conditioners.

Air purifiers.




Garage doors.








Smoke detectors.



Weather stations.


Your control, your way.

With perfectly tuned scheduling and responsive automations, there’s no need to manually control AutoPilot. Most of the time. But for those times when you want to, AutoPilot and everything it manages will be accessible on-demand from voice control, remote control, and app control interfaces.

Managing spaces securely.

Managing spaces securely.

AutoPilot keeps only people with permission in control and in mind.

In your hands, AutoPilot is a powerful tool which lets you manage the spaces that you spend your time in. That’s power we never want to fall into the wrong hands. To keep your spaces both smart and secure, Autopilot has been engineered multiple layers of production-grade security. That security starts with every single connexion; connexions that can only be made by apps and devices that have been given explicit permission by system owners.

Your spaces, your privacy.

Your spaces, your privacy.

What you do indoors is your own business.
AutoPilot has been engineered
so that it stays that way.

AutoPilot doesn’t just protect the security of your spaces and the safety of their occupants, it protects their privacy too. Installations of AutoPilot can operate cloud-free and be air-gapped. And for those that aren’t, data transfers that occur between AutoPilot and its apps are secured via 4 different cryptographic methods and force-funnelled through an always-enabled HTTPS-connection SSL encrypted with a SHA-265 Key Fingerprint and RSA 2048-bit key pair type.

Master moments. Get AutoPilot.

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