5 smart things we all missed at CES 2021.

For the first time in over a decade the month of January did not entail the Aeotec team making their way to Las Vegas for CES - the Consumer Electronics Show. CES has traditionally been where Aeotec highlighted its engineering feats of the past year and gave the tens of thousands of people who passed by our booth an insight into what our roadmap for the new year held. CES 2021 would have also seen Aeotec celebrate its 15th anniversary. Alas, it was not to be. But that’s not to say that missing CES means we’ve missed out altogether of course. We can celebrate our 15th birthday another time and another place, and we can still give insight into what Aeotec would have been showing.

Here are 5 smart things we all missed from Aeotec at CES 2021 this year;

One - Software range

We’ve long understood that smart hardware never reaches its full potential if it’s not automated through smarter software. That’s why we acquired Popp & Co in 2019, re-engineering its software platform into Aeotec AutoPilot. AutoPilot has a distinct focus, however, and has not been created for general release. That’s where our new Smart Home Hub comes in. Built atop of Samsung’s leading SmartThings platform, Aeotec Smart Home Hub fuses Z-Wave and Zigbee automation control and is being generally released into retail. Already available in Europe, it becomes available in Australia and the United States this month.

Two - Zigbee range

Along with our SmartThings-compatible hub, Aeotec is using 2021 to release our first range of Zigbee products. Previously available under the Samsung brand, these Work with SmartThings devices are compatible with the newly introduced Smart Home Hub and will be available to Aeotec customers across Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Three - Water Sensor 7 Pro

We’re complementing the stellar launch of Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro with a leak detector equivalent. Engineered atop of Aeotec’s Gen7 technology stack, Water Sensor 7 Pro offers leak detection along with temperature and humidity monitoring. That means it’s not just perfect for property protection but also for automating HVAC and air quality systems. It ships in late February; alerts will be sent out via Aeotec’s newsletter when it does.

Four - aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor

If the success of this sensor’s launch is anything to go by, Water Sensor 7 Pro is also sure to be a winner. Demonstrated at CES 2020, this Z-Wave temperature and humidity sensor is part of Aeotec’s new aërQ range of products which focus not just on temperature management but also air quality management. A 3-in-1 sensor, aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor offers temperature and humidity measurement along with offering mould-potential health alerts.

Five - Gen7 products

Battery powered devices are amongst our best sellers, so Aeotec has pursued the engineering of Gen7 devices with considered fervour. Gen7, our exclusive interpretation of Z-Wave 700 series, offers considerable battery-life improvements with some multi-sensors performing 2x longer than their last-gen equivalents. Along with battery enhancements, Gen7 also offers a full upgrade to wireless performance and security hardening. It should be no surprise then that, had it gone ahead, Aeotec’s focus at CES 2021 would have revolved firmly around Gen7. That would have included demonstrations of Range Extender 7, Recessed Door Sensor 7, the USA edition of Smart Switch 7, Z-Stick 7, and Z-Pi 7. The latter two have started to be released in limited quantities and join Water Sensor 7 Pro as our major releases of Q1 2021.