It’s long been the most used tool for creating a Z-Wave gateway. It has been used as a development tool by professionals working realise their commercial vision. And it has been implemented by end-users looking to build their own, personal vision of a connected home.

Over 100,000 smart homes are powered by Aeotec Z-Stick technology. This week, we’ve launched an upgraded model to cement Z-Stick’s place at the centre of smart homes.

Z-Stick Gen5 Raspberry Pi 4

This new plus edition, Z-Stick Gen5+, combines both hardware and firmware upgrades to Aeotec’s existing networking technology to offer;

  • Raspberry Pi 4 compatibility
  • S2 security natively
  • SmartStart network inclusion compatiblity

Along with these 3 enhancements, Z-Stick Gen5+ continues to include the technologies that has made it so depended upon;

  • 15 hour backup battery
  • Aeotec’s exclusive Gen5 technology stack
  • Z-Wave Plus
  • Broad compatibility with commercial and open-source automation software

Z-Stick Gen5+ is now available globally, including at Amazon and