Aeotec’s first German-engineered sensor is now shipping.

It’s all new. It’s all intelligent. It’s our first 3-in-1 door sensor. It’s Door / Window Sensor 7.

It’s our first 3-in-1 door sensor. It’s Door / Window Sensor 7.

It was the first German-engineered device Aeotec announced and it’s now here. After a soft-launch in May 2019, Door / Window Sensor 7 is now shipping across the EU and the US. The second security sensor from Aeotec to be encrypted with Z-Wave S2 technology, it’s the first to offer SmartStart, the simplest installation method for IoT devices.

44% smaller than the previous generation and offering a 50% faster response time, this successor to Aeotec’s Door / Window Sensor Gen5 fuses the expected contact sensor with a patented tilt sensor and a dry contact input. Because of the latter, it’s Aeotec’s successor not just to its Gen5 door sensor but also to Dry Contact Sensor Gen5 (ZW097).

Broadly compatible with the leading Z-Wave gateways, more information on this new sensor technology, including where to purchase it, Door / Window Sensor 7 can be found by following that last link.

Now 3-in-1 sensor but 44% smaller than older Door window sensors

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