700 series Z-Wave software; another first from Aeotec.

We were thrilled to be the first company to successfully engineer 700 series Z-Wave devices. They came in the form of two foundational products: Range Extender 7 and Recessed Door Sensor 7.

We’re even more thrilled by our latest milestone.

Aeotec has been crafting automation devices since 2006. We’ve done that for brands that have household names. And we’ve done that for our own brand. We know IoT and we know automation. But Aeotec has never offered a full solution, only the components that allow Z-Wave gateway makers to realise their own vision for intelligent automation. That changed last month with Aeotec’s new software offering, one that fuses our experience in automation and our vision for its future.

Aeotec is also now the first and only company to certify a gateway and server which makes full use of Z-Wave Plus V2 and 700 series technologies, SmartStart, and S2 Security: AutoPilot.


The first of its kind, AutoPilot is a full automation software solution engineered to fully support Aeotec’s suite of some 90 different devices and over 1,000 devices from other makers. What makes AutoPilot different, however, is its dedicated focus on 4 areas which Aeotec has long known to be the most important to end users;

  • Health and well-being;
  • Security;
  • Safety;
  • Environment automation;

That makes AutoPilot the first Z-Wave gateway to have a defined and much-needed focus that moves beyond the basics of generic platforms or single-issue solutions.

And while AutoPilot is all new, it’s all trusted as well. The middleware upon which AutoPilot is built is already used to power near-on 80,000 smart homes and the German-engineered hardware that we’ve crafted for AutoPilot is already depended upon in a further 540,000 smart home installations.

“AutoPilot has been built upon a foundation of middleware that Aeotec acquired in 2018 along with its purchase of German home automation maker POPP,” explains Aeotec CEO Daniel P Dykes. “We’ve used our 14 years’ experience of crafting automation devices to upgrade that middleware and built atop of it our vision for smart home and smart offices. We’ve built AutoPilot to be a solution that powers more than light schedules but rather one that delivers true peace-of-mind and health benefits to building occupants. Some studies indicate that the average person now spends as much as 90% of their lives indoors; we built AutoPilot to reflect humanity’s drastic lifestyle change and as a system that worked to the benefit of each and every one of us.”

AutoPilot is currently shipping to select Aeotec partners globally with a broader release anticipated in Q2 2020.

New releases.

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