Aeotec announces acquisition of German electronics maker Popp & Co.

Expands smart home range to 86 Z-Wave devices with distribution in 90 countries

Aeotec announces acquisition of German electronics maker POPP

Sands Expo Convention Center, 201 Sands Avenue, Las Vegas, NV – January 8 to 11, 2019 – CES Booth #41917:

Already managing the largest portfolio of quality, connected devices that utilize the Z-Wave standard, Aeotec will use 2019’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to announce its acquisition of German electronics business Popp & Co. along with its near-on 90 year electronics heritage. With it, Aeotec will highlight a major, global expansion of its market-ready IoT range.

Speaking on the acquisition Daniel P Dykes, CEO of Aeotec, has explained that the purchase is focussed on more than POPP’s intellectual property; “Popp has long been a pioneer of European Z-Wave technology and one of the few Europe-based makers specialising in the technology. However, Aeotec’s alignment with Popp is about more than the device portfolio they’ve already created. It’s about the skills and talent to be found within Popp. Aeotec has already begun the process of combining Popp’s engineering know-how to the benefit of its existing and future device portfolio. For the first time, a connected-device maker will combine Silicon Valley and German engineering know-how. Aeotec’s presentation at CES will highlight the first steps in Aeotec’s offering of a truly international connected-device range.” Popp’s CEO Axel Jansen echoed Dykes’ sentiments stating “This is an absolutely exciting opportunity for the entire Popp family, and a reward for the tremendous successes in recent years. Together with Aeotec we will be the largest independent smart home company in the entirety of Europe.” With both companies privately owned, terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Aeotec’s acquisition of Popp’s Z-Wave products comes at a time when smart home technology is beginning to reach the mass electronics consumer. Market research firm Park Associates has noted that broadband connected homes in the US are expressing a near-50% purchasing intent of smart home devices, which figures in at an increase of 66% year on year. And industry sources have pegged Amazon’s sales of smart home enabled Echo Dot devices at over 1,000 units per second on Cyber Monday. But the growth the smart-device category is not all about quantity according to Aeotec.

CEO Daniel P Dykes has described the expansion of both Aeotec and its range of devices as focussed after consumer confidence in smart home solutions was not met by many manufacturers in 2018. “There’s a real race amongst inexperienced manufacturers to make all electronics wirelessly connected and controllable. But home owners want a different type of smart home experience: they don’t want everything connected. They want select electronics in their homes, such as their security systems and lighting, to be connected and smart. Most importantly, they want them to work reliably. The smart home industry as a whole was let down in 2018 by makers who rushed products to market that were rendered useless every time an internet connection was interrupted or, worse, when they were used as part of Botnet hacking attacks. Home owners expect far better – and they deserve it. This year’s expansion of Aeotec’s offering is yet another step that we’re taking to ensure that Aeotec offers the largest range of smart home products that are built upon a foundation of reliability and quality, privacy and security.”

Aeotec will be displaying 43 of its full suite of current-generation Z-Wave devices at Booth #41917, the Z-Wave Alliance booth, during CES. Further information on all devices is available from or via [email protected]

About Aeotec. Founded in 2006 and having develop over 190 best-selling Z-Wave devices, Aeotec provides the largest range of quality Z-Wave Plus devices to over 380 global resellers in more than 90 different countries. Trusted and depended on by top-tier partners, Aeotec’s devices have been installed in over 2.3 million homes globally. Aeotec has staff in Chicago, across Germany, Hong Kong, London, Shenzhen, and in the Silicon Valley.

About Popp & Co. Founded in 1930 by Heinrich Popp with a focus on electronics products, Popp turned its attention to Z-Wave based IoT software in 2008. Popp continued to develop its connected-device software including the release of the Popp Hub control system in 2016. Beyond 2008, Popp also developed Z-Wave hardware devices at its German headquarters. It was acquired by Aeotec in late 2018.