As IoT and the smart home industry preps for surge growth, lead Z-Wave creator Aeotec unveils 8 new products at CES.

Las Vegas, NV – Jan 8, 2018 – CES– Booth# 41717- Aeotec, whose smart home products have been installed in over 2 million homes to date, is presenting 8 new IoT products at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this month, each of the new devices built upon the leading Z-Wave Plus standard. With over 11 years’ experience in developing products for smart homes, and with blue-chip OEM partners utilising its devices in more than 90 countries, Aeotec has developed each of these new devices in response to a newly emerging IoT customer that is forecast to be worth as much as US$121 billion by 2022. [Smart home strategies that pay off, Mobile World Live, 2017, Pg. 02 ]

  • Doorbell 6 – the popularity of connected doorbells has seen rising, however, not every homeowner wants their doorbell dependent on the cost and perceived insecurity of cloud services. Doorbell 6 has been crafted to bring to the market a simplified, connected doorbell. One that utilises a traditional push button to connect a home’s front door activity to Z-Wave.

  • LED Bulb 6: Multi-Colour & LED Bulb 6: Multi-White – smart and connected lighting sales increased 81% for all makers between 2016 and 2017. [Hamburg, Germany – December 4, 2017 /IoT Analytics] That was a growth also felt by Aeotec. Following up on the best-selling LED Bulb Gen5, two new Z-Wave Plus bulbs will be released in 2018: Multi-White and Multi-Colour. Both reflect homeowners’ demand for high-quality and responsive lighting. Multi-White will offer all shades of white light, fully tunable by automated systems throughout the day, ranging between 2700 and 6500 Kelvin. Multi-Colour is a feature rich bulb, offering 16 million different colours on demand.

  • NanoMote One & NanoMote Quad – Smart homes are all about control. Automated control. Responsive control. Voice control. App control. And, of course, remote control. NanoMote One and NanoMote Quad refine Aeotec’s existing range of remote controls into 2 simple offerings, one with 1 button and one with 4, for full, secure control of Z-Wave systems.

  • Nano Shutter – from security shutters to skylights, motorized electronics and furnishings are part of a modern home. Nano Shutter is a retrofit controller that allows non-connected motorized electronics to be converted to Z-Wave.

  • Siren 6 – home security remains the largest growth channel for smart home systems, but the security and hackability of wireless systems remains a major concern for homeowners whose awareness increased by a factor of 5 in Q3 2017. [State of the Smart Home Market, Q3 2017, John Feland, PhD, Pg. 22]. Aeotec follows up its popular Siren Gen5 with a refined Siren 6, an indoor siren built to offer AES-128 bit wireless encryption and ECDH key exchange rendering man-in-the-middle and brute force hacking virtually impossible.

  • TriSensorⓇ – having already engineered Z-Wave’s best selling motion sensor, MultiSensor 6, Aeotec follows up in 2018 with its new TriSensor. A 3-in-1, battery-powered sensor, TriSensor has been engineered in response to a 65% increase in demand for IoT sensors. [State of the Smart Home Market, Q1 2017, John Feland, PhD, Pg. 17]

Aeotec is presentings its full suite of Z-Wave products made for the US market at Booth 41717 at Sands Expo Convention Center, 201 Sands Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89169.

For further information on any of the devices, please visit Aeotec at or contact Aeotec via [email protected]

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About Aeotec.

Founded in 2006, Aeotec provides the largest range of quality Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus devices to over 380 global resellers in more than 90 different countries. Trusted and depended on by top-tier partners, including multinational utilities and telecommunication companies, Aeotec’s devices have been installed in over 2 million homes globally.

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