Aeotec makes quality connexions

A modern company with nearly a century of experience.

Founded in 2006 as Aeon Labs in Silicon Valley, Aeotec has long focussed its craft on the intelligent automation of electronics through sensor and data driven decision making. As Aeon Labs we did that for third-parties, often household names, by offering Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services. Later, as Aeotec, we crafted the same types of products to the same high-quality but this time we did it under our own brandname. All this sees Aeotec play in a space known to some as home automation and to others as the Internet of Things. They’re both decidedly new technological areas. But Aeotec’s experience is well beyond its years.

In late 2018 Aeotec acquired German electronics maker Popp & Co. and focussed its efforts upon software and Zigbee technology for the first time. Founded as Popp & Co. in 1930, Popp’s tenured history had seen it pioneer many home-electronics technologies across Europe, first in the fields of electrical china, circuit breakers, and lamps before moving in to the fields of wall switches, electrical cables, and plugs in the 1950s. As part of the acquisition, and to reflect the engineering talent that came as part of its acquisition of Popp, Aeotec also used 2018 to also form a broader Aeotec Group and move its headquarters to Hamburg, Germany. After 90 years of pioneering home electronics and automating them, Aeotec continues to innovate being the first brand maker to certify and release devices which utilize 700 series Z-Wave technology. Aeotec followed up in short order by utilising technology acquired from the purchase of Popp to allow it to develop AutoPilot, the first automation software to be built upon 700 series Z-Wave technology. That gateway release was followed up in short order with the release of Aeotec Smart Home Hub and a range of SmartThings-compatible products.

Aeotec Group, since 1930.

Almost 100 years young

While our technology focus is entirely modern, Aeotec's is a storied history that begins with the popularisation of the electric light switch.


Heinrich Popp found the „elektrotechnische Fabrik Popp & Co.“, supplier for electrical china, circuit breakers, and lamps

popp and co


Popp & Co. expands its home electronics range and begins production of wall switches, cables, and plugs starts



Popp GmbH becomes the largest company in the north Bavarian town of Bad Berneck, Germany, employing more than 850 people



Aeotec founded as Aeon Labs

aeon labs


Aeon Labs joins the Z-Wave Alliance

Z-Wave Alliance


The system companies Popp and Düwi launched the first Z-Wave based smart home system called InterACT at IFA in Berlin



Aeon Labs creates the Aeotec brand to brings its products to market



Popp & Co. acquires the former InterACT Z-Wave product line and merges it into a broader Popp Smart Home portfolio

Popp & Co.


Popp & Co. launches a wider Z-Wave product portfolio with a focus upon German engineering and niche devices



Popp & Co. launch their first smart home gateway powered by Z-Wave, "POPP Hub"



Aeotec, still based in Silicon Valley, acquires Popp & Co., forms Aeotec Group, and reheadquarters to Hamburg, Germany

Aeotec Group


Aeotec acquires Germany home automation distributor Z-Wave Europe

Z-Wave Europe


Popp & Co's engineering team forms own startup, A.I. Pilot

A.I. Pilot


Aeotec launches its first Works with SmartThings and Zigbee products with distribution handled by Aeotec Americas, Aeotec Australasia, and Z-Wave Europe.

works with smartthings


POPP Hub upgraded and relaunched as Aeotec AutoPilot



Aeotec joins the Connectivity Standards Alliance, a successor to the Zigbee Alliance and advocates for Matter automation technology

Connectivity Standards Alliance


Aeotec expands its illumino range of lighting products to include illumino Dimmer Switch, illumino Switch, illumino WallMote 7