Smart Strip

Z-Wave power strip with energy metering and surge protection.

The power of Z-Wave control, amplified.

Whether for your home office or home theatre or anywhere else you have a need for a power board, Smart Strip empowers your electronics with all the Z-Wave functionality you’d expect and all the protection they need.

On this one smart board, you’ll find 6 power outlets. Each is monitored by Aeotec’s reliable energy-metering technology, with power consumption reported back to your Z-Wave network for perfect energy management. Four of the outlets can be individually and wirelessly controlled via Z-Wave. That’s the control and intelligence you’d expect. On top of that you’ll find the protection you need, with all 6 power outlets benefiting from surge protection and over-current protection.

With Aeotec’s Smart Strip, your electronics are made Z-Wave and they’re made safe.

Product features.

  • Smart power board offering Z-Wave control, energy metering and electronics protection
  • Save money with energy monitoring and consumption automation
  • 6 power outlets
  • 4 wirelessly controllable power outlets
  • Energy readings 99% accurate
  • Latest Z-Wave protocol and commands
  • Supports Z-Wave Explorer Frames
  • Repeats Z-Wave messages
  • Optimized antenna range: 100+ feet tested

Trade enquiries.

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technical specifications
Tech. Specs.
Power: 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz
Range: 30m

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