Micro Motor.

Micro Motor Controller Wiring

This guide will help you with the wiring of Aeon Labs’ in-wall motor controller. In a lot of the countries where Aeon Labs’ products can be bought, this wiring should only be performed by a licensed electrician. Please stay safe and abide by your local legal requirements.

Note: If you are using software, be it a gateway or on a PC, to control the Micro Motor Controller, you may choose to control not attach a external switch to the Micro Motor Controller. The diagrams that follow all show a switch attached as this is the most common installation style.

Connecting a Motor to the Micro Motor Controller.

External Switch 1: Connect the switch to S1 and COM

External Switch 2: Connect the switch to S2 and COM

ST (External Switch Stop): Connect the switch to ST and COM

COM: You will need to connect the COM line from both External switches and ST External Switch together.

AC Power/AC Neutral: Connect your AC Line and AC Neutral to the respective terminals on the Micro Motor Controller.

Load 1 Connection: Connect Load 1 Live to M1 and Load 1 Neutral to the terminal next to it on the right side.

Load 2 Connection: Connect Load 2 Live to M2 and Load 2 Neutral to the terminal next to it on the left side.

Micro Motor Controller Schematic for 2 devices

Micro Motor Controller Schematic for 2 devices

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