Aeon Labs recognised with Huawei Connect 2016 award.

At Aeon Labs, we’re just as proud of our partners as we are of our products. And the reason is two-fold.

You’ll note that amongst our portfolio of 35 Z-Wave products we offer no gateway or software. Aeon Labs doesn’t make a gateway, we don’t make a hub, and we don’t produce Z-Wave software. That’s not what we’re about. As Tony Fadell, one of the creators of the iPod, once mused: hardware is hard, that’s why “they call it hardware.” We’re cognoscente of that, so we stick to what we know best: the actual hardware solutions that help power a connected-home.

huawei IoT award

The second reason is that word, “solution.” As our VP recently noted during a speech in Shanghai, the connected-home is nothing without real solutions. Aeon Labs depends on it partners to put together real and meaningful solutions that have both a place and provide a benefit within the connected home. And because there is a slew of potential solutions in the connected home, we’re happy to recognise the fact that we have multiple platform creators as partners, most of them specialists in their chosen area of the Internet of Things.

We’re just as happy, nay thrilled, when our partners recognise us in return. And that’s what happened recently in Shanghai, with Huawei recognising Aeon Labs with their Best Solutions Award 2016.

Naturally, it was in recognition for the most powerful thing in the connected-home: a good solution. Aeon Labs has been working closely with Huawei to develop a solution for a telephone provider. Built upon Huawei’s OceanConnect, the solution utilises customised editions of Aeon Labs’ Door / Window Sensor Gen5 and MultiSensor 6. It launches later this year in Latin America, while the award sits proudly in our office today.

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