z-wave switch range

Z-Wave switch range.

Z-Wave as it should be.

It has long been thought that a house becomes a home when we make it reflect who we are, when we personalise it, when we fill it with objects we treasure. And all of that remains true, but it no longer needs to be just the objects we put in our home that personalise it. Like the music that gently fills the background of your favourite restaurant, Aeotec’s Z-Wave switch range of products help to create the perfect ambiance for your home, and then some. Each switch product also gives you perfect control and perfect intelligent automation.

Across several different controllers, each one letting you perfect everything from your home’s lights to its appliances and to its motorised doors and curtains, you’ll find that the same magic has been built right into the tiny body of each switch.

Suits any home
Every home is different and personal. Aeotec’s Z-Wave switch range has been designed so that every home has a smart switch option. From the invisible installation of Nano products to the subtle design of WallMote, each switch concept allows a home to be intelligently enhanced without changing the way it looks.

Z – Wave inside
At their heart, each switch and dimmer is powered by the same technology and intelligence that binds all of Aeotec’s products: Z-Wave. Once installed, your switch becomes a smart switch and a part of your home’s Z-Wave network. A network you can control but also one that responds to your needs and whims.

Smarter switch
We’ve long been limited to how we can control our home’s most basic devices. Our Z-Wave switch range changes that, allowing you to invisibly enhance the lights and appliances in your home so that every switch becomes a smart switch. Beyond the use of your existing switches, you’ll be able to automate, schedule and remotely control your newly smart lights, dimmers and switches.

Remote control
Aeotec’s Z-Wave switch range offers perfect control beyond smartphone control. Whether from your existing switch or a modern one, or from a remote control or your Z-Wave gateway’s interface, each product within Aeotec’s Z-Wave switch range is designed to expand your switch control options but to never replace the options you already have.

Nano Dimmer.

What’s the secret to perfect lighting at home? Responsiveness. Take the fuss out of creating the right atmosphere with an improved and upgraded Z-Wave dimmer that makes sure your rooms always have the right brightness and ambiance. Fitting perfectly into your Z-Wave home, it’s compatible with a wide range of light bulbs, including dimmable LED bulbs, and installs easily behind any existing light switch. Coming in 2016.

Offers perfect lighting control and unparalleled Z-Wave performance.

Find out more about Nano Dimmer.

Nano Switch.

Take charge of the your home’s appliances with the miniature power outlet controller that offers immense power. Installed directly behind your wall sockets, it offers all the power of intelligent automation and remote control, along with power consumption management. Discrete and smart, Nano Switch works invisibly behind your existing switches without the need to replace them. Coming in 2016.

Designed to convert your power outlets into connected Z-Wave outlets.

Find out more when Nano Switch is released.


Wireless Z-Wave control. At a touch.
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Micro Smart Switch 2E.

Hidden within the walls of your home, Micro Smart Switch 2E turns your existing socks into Z-Wave switches and provides you with accurate appliance control and automation.

Perfect for discreet, wireless control of appliances in your home.

Find out more about Micro Smart Switch 2E.

Micro Motor Controller.

Simply install Micro Motor Controller behind any existing motor switch and you now have enhanced Z-Wave automation control of the attached motorized curtains or blinds

Enhance your blinds or curtains with automation and intelligent scheduling.

Find out more about Micro Motor Controller.

Touch Panel for Micros.

Trade your old bulky switches for a modern touch switch that talks directly to any Aeotec Micro product. Featuring a stylish glass panel and a soft blue back light, it’s a smart controller for your home lighting system and a notable decor element.

Upgrade your home lighting system with sleek modern touch panel controls.

Find out more about Touch Panel for Micros.

Other room control from Aeotec.

Aeotec’s Z-Wave switch range allows you to make all the lights and appliances that fill your home smart and connected. But the power of Z-Wave doesn’t stop with just control. Our switch series is complemented by a dedicated Z-Wave lighting range. Versatile, energy-efficient and Z-Wave powered, LED Bulb and LED Strip will fill your home with light in 16 million colors and perfect shades of white.

LED Strip.

Bathe your home in light, accentuate its decor and more. Offering 16 million colours and dedicated shades of white light, Aeotec’s LED Strip lets you bathe your home in light. Light you can automate. Light you can schedule. Light that’s perfectly responsive and a perfect part of your Z-Wave home.

Easily add LED lights to any area of your home, even those area that have no lighting already.

Find out more about LED Strip.

LED Bulb

Get the perfect shade of light, day and night, with Aeotec’s LED Bulb. Creating the perfect ambiance in your home has never been easier. With 16 million colours, along with LEDs dedicated to cool, natural and warm white light, every light in your home can become a smart light simply by changing your light bulb.

Empowered with Z-Wave technology, Bulb is wirelessly powerful and can be intelligently controlled by other devices in your Z-Wave system.

Perfect shade of light in any room — choose between 16 million different colours and control your lighting wirelessly.

Find out more about LED Bulb.

New releases.

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